Choose a distance learning programme from Aston and your learning experience will be supported by a range of unrivalled benefits:

Distance learning programmes



The distance learning advantage - distance learning at Aston allows you to fulfil your academic and professional aspirations simultaneously. Design your learning programme around your personal objectives and the time available to you.

Excellent student support 

The relationship between student and tutor is at the heart of our distance learning programmes. We engage students in a range of activities to ensure you're in regular contact with our teaching staff and have plenty of opportunities to meet other postgraduate students.

Situated learning

An approach to postgraduate professional and academic development which recognises the importance of the local context and your experience of it.  Instead of working on the assumption that theory can simply be ‘applied’, we provide you with the knowledge and research tools to ‘theorise from practice’ through a series of precisely focused investigations which are directly relevant to your own situation.

A multi-method approach to teaching and learning

Aston has been at the forefront of exploiting new technologies which support course delivery and communication between distance learning students and their tutors. In addition, we also know the value of more  ‘low-tech’ approaches - such as a telephone call.  A multi-method approach allows us to ensure all our students benefit from a successful distance learning experience.

A dedicated module tutor

Module tutors are responsible for all aspects of their specialist programme module - from design and delivery to assessment. You will work with a module tutor to develop assignment titles that satisfy your individual interests. All of our tutors are highly experienced specialists in their field with a focus on developing the professional and academic skills of his/her students.