Aston University maintains partnerships with industry trailblazers and organisations of all scales, ensuring that our apprentices receive teaching that is both high-quality and up-to-date. Through these collaborations, we continuously integrate real-world insights and cutting-edge practices into our curriculum, empowering apprentices to thrive in dynamic professional environments. This ensures that our apprentices graduate equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their chosen fields, making an impact from day one.

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"It’s really helped our senior leaders to develop a well-rounded and critically evaluative approach to their role, and it’s also helping our aspiring senior leaders to gain better readiness for senior roles, and therefore better enables our internal career progression."

Kristy Rowlett, 
Head of People Development, Wesleyan


"We wouldn't be returning if we didn't think there was value in the programme. Yeah there are other universities who have now starting to offer it, but from our perspective we've developed that relationship, there is trust, there is at times some harder discussions that need to be had, and we need to recognise that that sometimes reflects on us as well". 

Tim Buchanan, 
Apprenticeship Levy Lead, 
GSK Pharmaceuticals 


"Our team worked with Aston to plan the programme and what this would look like, as well as what we need to offer as an employer."

Hannah Podlewska
Recruitment Manager

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