The Admissions Steering and Strategy Committee has resolved that the key material areas of the curriculum need to be in a fixed state at an earlier point so that we can make offers sooner and send key information with those offers.

Subject to any adjustments being made by the Admissions Steering and Strategy Committee, the 2025-26 deadlines for material changes and minor non-material changes for 2024-25 entry are set out below, as to the deadline for upload of programme specifications with or without material changes. Proposals should be submitted to the relevant College committee for endorsement in time to meet the deadlines.  A full list of PADSC dates for 2023-24 can be found on the PADSC web page. Please note these are the final University deadlines and Programme directors should liaise with the College Quality Officer regarding College deadlines and plan which committee to aim for*.

New Programme Approval

To allow adequate time for advertising and recruitment to both UG and PG programmes, it has been agreed that full approval should be completed a year in advance of the expected delivery date to allow for programmes to be set up and offers made. New programme approval deadlines/timelines will now be in line with those for curriculum changes. For 2025 entry, new programmes must have College and University sign-off by 26th June 2024 and Programme Specifications uploaded to SITS via MAP by 31st August 2024. 

Material changes for 2025 entry

22 May 2024*Deadline for submission of documentation to PADSC Secretary. This includes proof of endorsement by
College/School Learning and Teaching Committee (or other College approval committee e.g. QSC/CDSC)
and Student Consultations (if the changes affect current Students)
5 June 2024Final PADSC meeting at which consideration of material changes for 2025 will take place
19 June 2024Action any conditions set by PADSC
26 June 2024Approval by PADSC Chair’s Action (if not already approved at the PADSC meeting)
31 August 2024Upload the amended Programme Specification via MAP to the applicable year of entry i.e. 2025/26

Minor non-material changes for the 2025 entry

10 June 2024Approval by College Learning and Teaching Committee (or other College approval Committee e.g. QSC/CDSC)
31 August 2024Upload the amended Programme Specification via MAP to the applicable year of entry i.e. 2025/26

No material changes to Programme Specifications

31 August 2024Upload the amended Programme Specification via MAP to the applicable year of entry i.e. 2025/26

Other University Deadlines

UCAS Application Deadline (for September 2025 Start Programmes)January 2025 (all programmes apart from Medicine)
October 2024 (Medicine)
Inclusion in 2025 PG ProspectusApril 2024
Inclusion in 2026 UG ProspectusOctober 2024
KIS/Unistats deadline (for September 2025 start programmes)August 2024

It is the expectation that all proposals are reviewed through a full PADSC meeting. In exceptional circumstances, additional approval methods may be agreed upon in discussion with the PADSC Chair.

For programmes with non-standard entry dates, which are not part of the UCAS entry/admissions cycle, the approval schedule will need to be adjusted accordingly. Please click here for deadlines.

Briefing notes

Briefing slides on the new process for approval of new programmes can be found here.



New Programmes

Programme Modifications

Programme Withdrawals

Supporting Documentation

Programme Specification Templates:

Guidance on writing learning outcomes

Module Descriptor Guidance

Further guidance

Programme Approval and Development Sub-Committee Management and Dissemination of information


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For enquiries about the Programme Approval and Modification process, please contact College Quality Officer.

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