What is Virtuous Credit?

Regulation 6.1.3 of the General Regulations for Undergraduate and Integrated Master's Programmesstates that:

If a candidate has failed 15 credits or fewer in a Stage at a third attempt, the Board of Examiners may substitute concurrently achieved virtuous credit from a pre-determined list approved by University Learning and Teaching Committee. 

Substitution is at the discretion of the Examination Board and consideration needs to be given to the Level of the substituted credit and the relevance of the failed credit to the programme learning outcomes. 

A substitute module(s) will be treated as a referred or repeat module(s) and the module pass mark shall be recorded for modules passed.

Which modules are approved for Virtuous Credit?

For the 2023/24 academic year, the modules approved by University Learning and Teaching Committee as meeting the criteria for possible substitution for failed credit are: 

Approved Modules for Virtuous Credit

Module CodeModule NameLevelAston Credit Value
SE2ACWDelivering a low-carbon World510
LFA ModulesLanguages for All modules - Click here for a full list 410

How Can I Submit a module for approval for Virtuous Credit?

You can submit a module for approval for eligibility as virtuous credit by contacting the University Learning and Teaching Committee via the Quality Team. 


For more information about Virtuous Credit or queries on the Regulations, please contact Adam Hewitt.