Important Information:

At the June 2018 University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC) a proposal regarding a new process for the approval and administration of Aston Module Achievements (AMAs) and non-credit bearing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events was approved.  This included changing the name of AMA to Aston Credit where credit is awarded. 

The Short Course Approval Sub-Committee (SCASC) approves short courses for the approval of AMAs. This is a sub-committee of the Programme Approval Steering Committee (PASC) and ULTC. You can find more information on SCASC here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I find the Aston Credit Certificate template?

They are available at the foot of this page for staff access only.

Which template should I use?

Please use the one branded for your College.

Can I award an Aston Credit Certificate at the Module Board if the student has a borderline mark e.g. 39%?

No. The module and the Aton Credit Certificate must be referred to the Programme Board. Only a Programme Board can make referral decisions. 

Should we award Aston Credit Certificates on our FCA programme after every Module Board?

You may find it easier to award your Aston Credit Certificate at a natural break in the programme e.g. to those students who have decided not to continue. You should award the highest award available which could be a PgCertificate and not Aston Credit Certificate if the student has enough credits. 

Can a student use a module they have already received an Aston Credit Certificate for as RPL on another Aston programme?

Yes. That is not a problem. The General Regulations concerning the volume of RPL credits permitted to apply as usual.

If a module is used for RPL do students have to hand in the Aston Credit Certificate?

No, they can keep the Aston Credit Certificate.  

If a student loses their Aston Credit Certificate can the College issue a replacement?

Yes. Colleges may wish to agree on a fee for replacements. Colleges should check that an Aston Credit Certificate was issued before giving a replacement. This is one reason why these regulations ask Aston Credit Certification to be attached to the student record on SITS. 

How much Aston Credit Certification can a student receive?

As many as allowed by their type of enrolment. For example, the UGT General Regulation state that associate students may enroll for, and be assessed in, individual credit-rated modules to a maximum of 60 credits in any five-year period.

Can I change the wording or design of the Aston Credit Certificate for my College or programme?   

No. All Aston Credit Certificates should use the wording and design approved by Senate for consistency.


Aston Credit Certificate templates for download - Staff only (Temporarily Unavailable)

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For further information please contact Trevor Knight and Belinda Cross.