Academic Offences Information

This page collates contacts, resources, and other useful information for all staff involved in academic offences processes. Academic offences cover many forms of academic and intellectual malpractice, including cheating, plagiarism, collusion, the commissioning or purchasing of work, falsification of data, and the impersonation or allowing the impersonation of a student for the purposes of assessment attendance. Offences and disciplinary issues that are not academic matters, such as disorderly or violent behaviour, should be raised with the University Disciplinary Board.

Academic Offences Officers are the Authorised Officers within their Colleges to investigate any cases of potential academic offences raised by colleagues and decide whether the evidence presented is sufficient to charge a student with a suspected offence.

Academic Offences committed on Joint Honours programmes should be investigated by the Academic Offences Officer for the College in which the affected module originates.

Key Academic Offences contacts for each College are as follows:

SchoolAcademic Offences OfficerSupport Officer
BSSKris LinesPatrick Coughlan
BSSUwe Wunderlich

Chris Booth

Nikki Jones

EDUJon TaylorTBC
EPSSuki Phull

Helen Gilfoyle

Fred Gallagher

HLSAlan GoddardGillian Cook
HLSKeqing WangTBC

All students that are subject to academic offences processes have a right to representation from the Students Union Advice Centre.

Students Union Advice & Representation Centre Contact:

Academic Offences should be referred to the University Disciplinary Board in the following cases:

  • All offences of Severity Level 4, and any suspected cases of the commissioning or purchasing of work.
  • Where the student(s) deny the charge or refuse to accept the jurisdiction of the Academic Offences Officer in hearing the case.
  • All repeat offences, and second offences the College Academic Offences Officer does not feel appropriate to investigate within the College.

University Disciplinary Board Contacts:

Chair: Professor Joel Talcott

Alternative Chair:  Dr. Jo Bush

Secretary: Yvonne Henderson

University Discipline Officers: Gemma Dawson & Liz Hobday

Key Resources for staff involved in Academic Offences and Disciplinary procedures are collated below for easy reference: