Aston University offers a growing range of degree apprenticeships in sectors including business, IT, engineering and healthcare, with employer partners including Microsoft, Capgemini, Specsavers and Arts Council England.

But don't just take our word for it: we asked students, employees and employers to share their apprenticeship experiences.

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Level 6

Pallavi Boppana

Pallavi BoppanaPallavi Boppana | Degree apprentice graduate, Capgemini 

"Doing an apprenticeship has helped me learn on the job and given me confidence in myself. I now have six years of industry experience and a first class degree, the opportunities are endless." 


Matt Gill

Matt GillMatt Gill | Degree apprentice at Payara 

"My degree apprenticeship has given me the perfect leg-up into the industry by allowing me to gain experience from day one. It's also giving me the chance to acquire a degree level education so that I'll never run the risk of losing out on future opportunities based on a lack of qualifications." 


Liz Barker

Liz BarkerLiz Barker | Degree apprentice at Queen Elizabeth Hospital 

"Developing my skills and knowledge further has been great. I’m enjoying the challenges of education and I know my apprenticeship will give me the ability to help my patients even more than I can now.”


Adam Cook

Adam CookAdam Cook | Digital and Technology Solutions degree apprentice at Anglian Water 

"My degree apprenticeship has been everything I expected and more. One of the key things I was looking for when researching degree apprenticeship was a company that I saw myself staying with for a long period of time, and I can definitely say how much I already love working at Anglian Water."


Level 7

Lucy Swindle

Lucy SwindleLucy Swindle | Management of Manufacturing MBA apprentice at James Walker & Co Ltd  

"Studying an MBA as an apprentice will allow me to be the best that I can be in my current role as Shift Manager: operations, while allowing me to develop myself at a higher level. My MBA will also diversify me from other candidates when applying for future roles and progression opportunities."


Martyn Thomas

Martyn ThomasMartyn Thomas | Executive Apprenticeship MBA apprentice at Specsavers 

"Through my MBA I’ll gain an improved financial understanding and a better business head to make effective decisions when running my businesses. Should I decide to one day relinquish my role in this area of business having a recognised business qualification could allow me to work elsewhere." 


Salla Virman

Salla VirmanSalla Virman | Executive Apprenticeship MBA apprentice at Arts Council England

“In addition to a recognised qualification, I am hoping to gain new knowledge, experiences, expertise in my field and business contacts. I am hoping the studies together with the Aston Edge professional development will develop me as a leader and a thinker through positive challenges.” 


Tom Driscoll

Tom DriscollTom Driscoll | Management of Manufacturing MBA apprentice at the Manufacturing Technology Centre 

“The MBA will supplement my engineering background with strong skills in areas such as finance, marketing, strategy and leadership and to apply this directly within my work at the MTC. The skills and knowledge I will develop through the MBA will allow me to make the next step in my career.” 


Here’s what other Aston apprentices had to say:

Bally Purewal 

"I am very proud to have been shortlisted at the Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards, followed by an overwhelming feeling when I was presented with a highly commended award. I felt it was important for me to able to represent my organisation and Aston University as it shows that the apprenticeship is open to all and that it doesn’t matter the age, we all can develop our skills, knowledge behaviours to become future leaders."

"The apprenticeship program is an ideal pathway to develop your career ambitions since it allows you to study while working and apply your previous experiences to your education whilst developing your skills and knowledge. I preferred this route because I could be better academically, and the hand on approach is better suited to my learning style. For example, I have been able to apply my learning within the organisation from the get-go, improving my decision-making and the way I manage change."

"However, this hasn’t been easy, there has been a few challenges during my apprenticeship journey, and the biggest one is balancing work activities with studying. I often found it too easy to sacrifice my time, space, and hobbies. Then I learnt very quickly how to separate the three, work, studying, and enjoyment which is crucial for anyone considering apprenticeships."




Katie Bradbury

From getting a detention for not writing her personal statement to becoming Microsoft's first degree apprenticeship graduate, Katie Bradbury excelled in her three years as Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice.

"At the end of a personal statement session, a teacher came up to me and asked "Where's your work?" I tried to explain that I wasn't interested in university and was exploring other options... I was given a detention. My first ever detention, for not writing a personal statement."

Read Katie Bradbury's full story.



Ellie Hornby

‘My degree apprenticeship proved to me how determined I am and showed me how I can tackle any subject and succeed.’

Elle Hornby, graduated from Aston University in 2018 after completing the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship with Capgemini.

Elle said: “I have worked since I was 16 and I saw an apprenticeship with a reputable company as a great option to earn and learn. I wanted a head start on my career and joining Capgemini at 18 and balancing studying and working has given me a first class degree, key skills and a wealth of knowledge and experience at just 24.“

The highlight has to be my graduation day, all of the hard work I had put in over the years was celebrated in one day and I was surrounded by my friends and family. It really put into perspective what a journey I had been on.

“My degree apprenticeship proved to me how determined I am and showed me how I can tackle any subject and succeed. I believe this has taught me to be more resilient and I know that if I put the hard work in I can achieve anything. I've come a long way since I started at Capgemini and I'm now working at a senior level managing graduates. I credit this to the attitude I developed through the apprenticeship programme.”

Jack Downes

‘I'm very excited by the future and it looks bright.’

Jack Downes, 23, is one of Aston University’s first Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Graduates. Jack, an Application Consultant at Capgemini and graduate of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship said: “I decided on a degree apprenticeship because I could never see myself attending university in the traditional sense, but I knew that having a degree would be an invaluable asset for my career.“

My apprenticeship has helped my career more than I could ever have understood when I first began applying for the schemes. Despite being the age of a graduate, I now have the qualification and experience of a professional who might have been working in the city for a number of years.

“I have worked on four different projects in various roles and travelled around the UK and to numerous countries in Europe to take part in workshops and client activities. I have never once felt like 'the apprentice' and now I have finished the course nothing has changed!

“I'm very excited by the future and it looks bright. Now I have finished my degree apprenticeship, I am looking to really develop my management skills over the next couple of years. I would like to start leading some small teams and begin building my management portfolio up.”




Here's what Aston University partners had to say:


"It’s really helped our senior leaders to develop a well-rounded and critically evaluative approach to their role, and it’s also helping our aspiring senior leaders to gain better readiness for senior roles, and therefore better enables our internal career progression."

Kristy Rowlett, 
Head of People Development, Wesleyan


"Everything our apprentices learn at Aston University is directly relevant and reinforced into what they're doing in their jobs."

Anouska Reamsay
Talent Director

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"Our team worked with Aston to plan the programme and what this would look like, as well as what we need to offer as an employer."

Hannah Podlewska
Recruitment Manager

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