Aston University is committed to supporting every student in reaching their full potential during their time at university. This is why we have launched a web-based learner analytics platform, MyEngagement, which allows you to access information and see how well you are engaging with your studies.

How does MyEngagement work?

The platform draws data about your learning activity from your Blackboard, My Attendance and Aston Replay. This will give you an indicator of your level of engagement.

Please watch the video below for more information on how MyEngagement works.

MyEngagement Platform

How it works

Our Student User Guide provides more information on how you can use this platform effectively.

How to find your Student Engagement Information?

The MyEngagement platform enables you to take more control of your studies as you can see your current engagement level and how you can proactively improve it. To find out your engagement level, visit MyEngagement and log in to your account using your usual credentials.

If you feel you need to improve your engagement, there are lots of hints and tips on the MyEngagement FAQ page to help you do so. You can also use your engagement information as a basis for discussions with university staff, such as your lecturers and personal tutor. If you need to talk to someone in a safe and confidential environment, you can arrange to see one of our counsellors or psychotherapists by emailing The Hub or contacting us on 0121 204 4007.

Tell us what you think

As an Aston student, you have the benefit of using the MyEngagement platform, it has been recently launched to all undergraduate and postgraduate taught students at Aston and we're keen to get your feedback.