As part of the CAS request process, you may be asked to undertake a pre-CAS video interview so we can assess your eligibility for a CAS number.

Before completing your interview, we recommend that you look at our pre-CAS interview information leaflet and watch the recording which gives more insight into what we expect from students in the interview.

You can find Aston's Pre-CAS interview Policy below:

If you don’t successfully pass the pre-CAS interview, we will invite you to a Face to Face Interview which will be conducted by the Visa Compliance Credibility Officers. Both interviews are to determine your eligibility for a CAS and if you are not successful, we will not be able to issue you a CAS.

Please note that if you are not successful during the Face to Face Interview, you will be able to appeal but you will not be given a third attempt to complete an interview. This is to allow us to work closely in line with the UKVI procedure.