The Student Visa Compliance Team are responsible for ensuring that the University maintain its Student Route Sponsor Licence status in line with the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) rules. To successful comply, we must implement and oversee the UKVI policy and procedures within the University. Prior to your arrival in the UK this includes pre-CAS checks, pre-CAS interviews, fee assessments, visa checks during enrolment,

Once you arrive in the UK we will continue to comply with the UKVI rules through visa checks during enrolment, reporting changes to the UKVI, attendance monitoring and ensuring that we keep up to date with record keeping requirements, outlined by the UKVI.

What we need to report to the UKVI:

  • failure to enrol
  • poor attendance
  • withdrawal from course
  • suspensions for longer than 60 days
  • extensions to end dates
  • early completion of course
  • changes of courses or programmes.

If you have any queries related to any of these areas, please email us.

If you require visa/immigration advice please contact our International Student Advice Team or visit their webpage.