The Disability & Academic Support Team's Non-Medical (NMH) Scheme co-ordinates certain types of additional human support for student who require it to fully access their course. Support provided by the NMH includes: 

Note Taking 

Note takers enable students to access their course content by providing clear and accurate notes as a record of lectures or classes. This does not replace the need for students to attend sessions themselves and should be used as a tool for revision/solidification of knowledge. 

Study Support 

Study Supprt Assistants enable students to access their course through practical assistance. The specifics will depend on the support needs of the student - it may include support in adapting to the academic demands of HE, providing information, help with time keeping, help with with organisational skills etc. This can be supplemented by practical support (e.g. carrying books/assistance with photocopying in the library etc). 

Examination Support 

This may include reading questions and/or answers back during the exam, writing answers as they dictated or prompting students to stay on task and help them manage their time during the exam. 

This Scheme is only designed to cover certain types of NMH support and you will need to obtain funding (usually through the DIsabled Students Allowances) for any other types of support you may require e.g. a Mentor or Specialist Study Skills Tutor. The Scheme also does not cover any personal care you may require so you will need to obtain funding for this separately. If you have any questions about this then please contact us so we can advise you. 

Complaints and Appeals 

Whilst we do our best to ensure that all students receive the support they require, there may be instances where you feel that your needs have not been met and wish to appeal our recommendations. If this is the case then you should contact Toby Bristow (Lead Disability Advisor) in the first instance who will attempt to resolve the issue. If you still feel as though your concerns have not been dealt with appropriately then you should contact Ravteg Dhesi (Director of Student Welfare) who will make a final decision. 

If you wish to make a complaint about the support you have received (or anything else), you should follow the University Complaints procedure.