Enabling Team

Support recommendations 

On receipt of suitable evidence, we will liaise with students to prepare a preliminary list of appropriate teaching, learning, and assessment support recommendations (if required). This may be by email, in person or by phone/Skype. Our aim is to have these support recommendations in place by the first teaching week of your new course of study. 

Support recommendations and any updates will be forwarded to academic Schools and the Exams Office within five working days of receipt by/agreement with the Enabling Team. We will amend support recommendations at any stage of study on receipt of appropriate additional supporting evidence. 


Support services:

Policies and procedures

The following policies and guidance documents detail relevant processes and procedures for students. We also have relevant processes for our staff and visitors, supporting students with disabilities and other learning supports needs. 

Prospective students
Current students
External NMH providers

Contact us

Get in touch

By phone: 0121 204 4007 

By email: enablingteam@aston.ac.uk 

Sally Holgate | Head of Wellbeing and Enabling 

0121 204 4727 | s.holgate@aston.ac.uk 

Toby Bristow | Lead Disability Adviser 

0121 204 4745 | t.j.d.bristow@aston.ac.uk 

Deb Tovey | Disability Adviser 

0121 204 5350 | d.tovey@aston.ac.uk 

Helen Davies | Dyslexia Specialist 

0121 204 5423 | h.davies@aston.ac.uk

Laura McHugh | Mental Health Specialist 

0121 204 5419 | l.mchugh@aston.ac.uk 

Talisa Mesquitto | Mental Health Specialist 

0121 204 5334 | mesquit1@aston.ac.uk

Emergency contacts

If you are on Campus, contact Security on 0121 359 2922 from an external telephone (2222 on an internal phone), who will contact the Emergency Services for you. 

If you’re off-campus, dial 999 for emergency services. 

The closest Accident and Emergency Centre to Campus is Birmingham City Hospital, Dudley Road, B18 7QH. 

The closest NHS Walk in Centre is Halcyon Medical, Unit 8, 24 Martineau Place, Birmingham B2 4 UH, and open: 

  • 8am-6:30pm - Monday to Friday 
  • 10am-2pm - Saturday 
  • 11am-2pm - Sunday