We know that studying maths at university can be challenging, so we’ve brought together some key tips to help you. Feel free to read them, even if maths only features as a small part of your degree – you don’t have to be doing a maths degree to benefit from these tips.

You learn maths by doing maths

You can’t learn maths by just observing. Get stuck into the exercises your lecturer gives you, practice the techniques you’re taught, and test whether you can work through the examples presented in class, either on your own or with your peers.

Work to understand the content

If you don’t understand something in the course material, don’t settle. Ask your lecturer, discuss it with your peers, or come to the Maths Centre on the first floor of the library for help. Memorising techniques without understanding takes up more brain space in your revision and will leave you unable to adapt when faced with unseen problems.

Learning maths is cumulative

Almost all of the maths you learn will be built on later. So it’s really important that you make sure you understand what you’re currently learning to ensure that you have a solid foundation to build on when you’re introduced to a new maths topic. If you don’t do this, you will really struggle to understand the mathematical content to come.

Study regularly

Studying maths is like learning a sport – you have to train regularly to develop your skills. So don’t leave your studying till the revision period. Set aside time each week to study the content of your maths lectures and work on the relevant exercises.

Make the most of support services and contact hours

There are lots of opportunities for you to access help with your maths studies if you get stuck. Most courses timetable tutorials and/or workshops for you to gain support from the lecturer or teaching assistants. These are golden opportunities to get your questions answered so don’t waste them! Study the material beforehand to identify the parts you don’t understand and bring your questions to these sessions. You can also make use of the Maths Centre where we have friendly maths tutors available to help you.