The Chaplaincy team consists of members from different faiths and backgrounds. They are experienced at listening and offering spiritual guidance, prayer, support, and friendship.

Whether you belong to a faith community or not, you are welcome to talk confidentially with a Chaplain about any problems or concerns you may have. There is no need to wait for a crisis to happen - come and have a chat at anytime. 

Chaplains are always glad to meet students or staff socially and pastorally and offer everyone a sympathetic ear. 


A Chaplain is normally available at the University Monday-Friday and at other times depending on events. Just drop in or make an appointment first - it is up to you. Outside of these times, messages can be left on the Chaplaincy answerphone or can be sent via email. In an emergency you can contact the chaplains via Aston University Security.

Meet the Team

zahida hussain

Zahida Hussain
Muslim Chaplain

0121 204 5098

pat chaplaincy

Pat Saunders
Christian Chaplain

0121 204 4729

symon hill

Symon Hill
Christian Chaplain

0121 204 4729

rob stacey

Rob Stacey
Pagan Chaplain

07943 323989

kamal dave chaplain

Kamal Dave
Hindu Chaplain

07532 275640

rabbi cohen

Rabbi Fishel Cohen
Jewish Chaplain

07771 653717

sukha singh

Sukha Singh
Sikh Chaplain

07956 938737


Fr Raymond Corbett
Catholic Chaplain

0121 204 4729

hazel ellison chaplaincy aston university

Hazel Ellison
Christian Chaplain

0121 204 4729


Sramner Tejwant
Buddhist Chaplain



jacqueline maloney chaplaincy

Jacqueline Maloney
MLK Operational Manager

0121 204 3221

colin sherlock chaplaincy aston university

Colin Sherlock
Chaplaincy Administrator

0121 204 4729


The MLK Centre aims to give you the best possible support whilst you are at Aston. We welcome your feedback on how we can improve our service. Let us know by emailing us.