2024 Ceremonies 

When you have been sent the invitation to register you will need to log on to MAP and complete the task by the deadline set out in the email.

Please make sure your personal (non-Aston) email address is up-to-date on MAP. You have three graduation options and you must register this decision on the portal:

1. To attend the ceremony in person
2. To defer your ceremony

If you are unable to attend your ceremony, but wish to attend a future ceremony, please select this option. You may only defer your ceremony once.

3. To graduate in absentia (not attend the ceremony)

If you do not wish to attend your ceremony or any future ceremony, please select this option.

Please note: if you choose option 2 or 3 you must still register online via MAP, even if you wish for your degree to be conferred in your absence or wish to defer to a future ceremony.

For all enquiries, please email the graduation team