Student Finance

Student Finance England (SFE) is the largest provider of tuition fee loans within the UK and is accessible to both Home and EU students.

Home and EU students planning to use a student loan to pay tuition fees will be able to make an application here:

The application process can take on average between 6 – 8 weeks, so we strongly advise all students to apply early and secure their funding before the beginning of term.

If you are experiencing any delays with your application, notify Credit Control immediately. The team will be able to discuss your situation and, where possible, agree either an extension or payment plan with you.

If you have any questions about SFE, need assistance making an application or require help resolving an SFE-related issue, please contact the Student Advice Team based in The Hub. 


Sponsored Students

You are a sponsored student if all or part of your tuition fees will be paid by an external organisation. This may be an employer, government body or embassy (not a family member). On receipt of an official letter purchase order, the University will send a tuition fee invoice directly to your sponsor.

Confirming Your Sponsorship

Once you have accepted a place at Aston, please let us know as soon as possible that you are a sponsored student. The sponsor must provide an official letter (on company headed paper) or organisation purchase order confirming the following: 

  • Your full name
  • Student University Number
  • Full details of where the invoice should be sent
    • Organisation contact name
    • Organisation address
    • Organisation email
  • Payment reference that needs to be quoted on the invoice. (i.e a Purchase order number)
  • GBP amount the organisation is paying for your tuition fees
    • MUST BE GBP or % percentage of the fees being paid
  • The period/academic year of study that the organisation is paying for

Confirmation Instructions       

The letter or purchase order will need to be uploaded on My Aston Portal as per your enrolment instructions. Late arrivals should upload the confirmation document to the finance enquiry form on solve.  In addition, a copy of the confirmation will need to be sent to the Admissions Office (as detailed on your offer letter).

If you do not provide us with a confirmation letter, you will be responsible for paying the fees. Please note that we reserve the right to reject a confirmation document and, if the sponsor does not pay, sanctions can be applied to your student account as per the University Policy on Sanctions for Student Debt, which can be accessed in section 7 of the Tuition Fee Charging Policy.