If you are having difficulty paying

If you believe your payment is likely to be late or are having difficulty paying, you must contact the Accounts Receivable team immediately, either by via the contact form on solve or by calling 0121 204 4355. They will be able to discuss your situation and where possible agree a payment plan with you, within University regulation.

If you are facing financial difficulties and require help and advice you can contact The Student Advice Team at The Hub. There are advisers who will assist you, in addition a Funds Administrator is available to help with an application for financial assistance if you are in hardship.

What happens if I fail to pay my tuition fees?

The complete University Policy on Sanctions for Student Debt can be accessed in section 7 of the Tuition Fee Charging Policy.

If you fail to pay your tuition fees instalments in full by the due date or fail to set up and maintain a suitable payment plan, university sanctions will be applied to your student account.  Sanctions will restrict you access to Library and IT facilities. This will prevent you from accessing your Aston Email, MAP and Blackboard, and block access course material or submitting work. Sanctions will also prevent you from graduating dependant on the level of debt owed.

Any applied sanction would remain in place until such time that a suitable arrangement to pay fees is in place and/or the outstanding account balance is settled.