If you're a current student and believe that you're eligible for a refund, you should complete the Refund Request Form in MAP.

Please note that under Anti-Money Laundering Policy and government regulations, all returned payment(s) must be paid by the original payment method and the original payee. Please note the University will not make cash payments.

Refunds will only be processed once the necessary credit note has been processed by the originating department. 

If you are not a current student, you will need to complete the relevant Refund Request Form below:

Tuition Refund 

SLC Reassessments 

In the case of refunds resulting from Student Finance England or Student Awards Agency Scotland assessments, the Student Academic Services will receive an electronic confirmation of your loan before then crediting any invoices raised for tuition. You will then be entitled to request a refund of the credit balance on your account by completing a Refund Request Form in MAP.     

Withdrawal and Suspension of Studies 

If you wish to withdraw or suspend your studies it's important that you speak with your tutor. Please read the University Tuition Fee Policy document carefully when considering to withdraw or suspend your studies.   

Once your account with the University has been credited, you may then request a refund from the Finance Centre by completing the online Refund Request Form in MAP.  

Payment Process

The refund process can take up to two weeks from the date you submit your request. If you have not received your payment after the initial two weeks you can contact the Cash Office, however please check that you or your school of study have submitted the details to the correct department.  


Payments to Students

Student Expenses

If you think you are entitled to claim expenses, whether for participation in an event, or as part of your project work, you will need to submit a claim to the university. 

Before you start, please ensure that you have contacted your school administrator to obtain the following:

  • The correct Account Code, which is 4 digits long
  • The correct Project/Job Code, which is 5 digits long

When entering your information please take care to enter these codes into the correct box, to avoid your claim being rejected.  Please also ensure that your bank details are entered correctly and without hyphens/dashes.  You will also need your receipt to hand, before submitting your expense claim.  

Submit an expense form


If you are looking for information about the studentships that are offered by the University, please follow this link, where you will find more detailed information for each school.  You will also find information relating to your studentship in your offer letter when you receive it.  

If you have questions about the payment of your studentship, please email payroll@aston.ac.uk.  

Please note that the date you receive your first payment, will depend on your submission of your bank details to the University. All subsequent payments will be made on the 26th of the month (or nearest working day before that date).  


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