The Aston Support Fund offers financial support to students paying Home tuition fees who are in unexpected financial difficulties.

We are fortunate to be able to offer financial support to EU or International students who are in unexpected financial difficulties through the Susan Cadbury fund.

The grants offered are considered by assessing your circumstances on a case by case basis. You may be considered for financial assistance if you are experiencing an unforeseen situation that will not be resolved in the immediate future and which has impacted on your financial capability to afford your basic living costs.

DSA laptop student contribution grant

As part of the Aston Support Fund we are able to award a one-off £200 grant to cover your contribution towards the cost of a DSA laptop. You need to have applied for Disabled Students' Allowance and your confirmation of funding letter includes the purchase of a laptop. To be eligible for this you must be a current Aston University undergraduate student with a household income of less than £25,000.

To apply please complete the application form.

These funds are for fully-enrolled Aston University students. If you are not fully enrolled when you apply your application will be rejected.

If you have any questions about these funds please email the Student Funds Team.

It is encouraged that you book an appointment with the University Student Advisors prior to applying for the funds to ensure that you have explored all funding avenues. This can be done by logging into the Hub's booking system.

Please ensure you have read the policy before applying for the Fund


Application Process

To apply you must complete an application form and explain the finances you had in place to cover the cost of your study which includes the costs of living during your time at University.

You also need to explain what has happened to change the financial provision you made prior to enrolment/re-enrolment. 

You will be asked to submit supporting documents of your circumstances. This is needed so that we can fully consider your situation and assess your income and basic outgoings. 

You are requested to submit:

  • Three months' of up to date bank statements for all accounts you hold
  • If you are a home student the letter from Student Finance showing tuition and maintenance loan amounts
  • If applicable, tenancy agreement showing total rent and due dates
  • Any other information you feel will support your application
  • Evidence of your unexpected short term situation is available

Stages of the application:
Submit the application form and supporting documents which will go straight to the Student Funds Team for assessment.

We contact you with the result of your application or to ask for further information.

Help us to make an prompt assessment by ensuring you have provided all evidence and information, and that the documents are clearly labelled!

Criteria on which your application will be considered

You have demonstrated and shown through supporting evidence:

  • That you made enough financial provision to fully fund your tuition fees and a basic level of living costs before starting the course (or active year). This financial provision could for example be from sources such as Student Finance England, a Professional & Career Development Loan, Scholarships, Savings, Employment or family contributions.
  • That your situation is unexpected (it could not normally have been planned for), that it is short-term/could be resolved between 1 and 12 weeks and that currently you have no other sources of income. This will be demonstrated though the application form and supported with the documentary evidence that you submit as a part of your application.
Assessment Process

Your application will be carefully considered in a fair and confidential environment on the basis of what you have included in your application form.

We may also ask you to see an adviser for advice on the management of debt, money advice and budgeting assistance.

Should you wish to meet with Hub advisors, which may mean you do not need to apply to the Fund and submit financial information, you can book an appointment by logging into the Hub's appointment booking system.

The Student Funds Team aim to normally complete assessment up to 10 working days on receipt of all information.

If you fail to submit additional evidence your application will be closed 4 weeks from the point of submission.

Apply Now

To apply please click the link and complete the Aston Support Fund application form.

Frequently asked questions

What are the Aston University hardship funds?

Aston University believes that unexpected money problems should not inhibit participation in higher education. The Aston Support Fund (ASF) and Susan Cadbury Fund (SCF) offer
discretionary grants to students experiencing short term, unexpected financial difficulties. The grants cannot be used to pay for tuition fees or extravagant lifestyle choices, nor are they to be thought of as an additional source of income.

How can I apply for hardship funds?

Current students are firstly encouraged to approach University advice services at The Hub to check they are in receipt of all funding they are entitled to. Once this is done, and after reading the Financial Support Policy, you can apply for a hardship grant.

Who can apply for hardship funds?

Subject to certain criteria (as outlined in the policy), all current Aston University students can apply – Undergraduate or Postgraduate; Home, EU or International.

What information will you need from me?

As well a fully completed application form we will need to see various documents including, but not limited to, full bank statements for the last 3 months, credit card statements, tenancy agreements, student finance information, etc. Additional information and documents may be requested after further consideration of your application.

Can I appeal against a decision?

If your application is unsuccessful, or if you have new information that you would like to be considered, you can make an appeal against a decision. This will be considered by an independent member of staff and the decision will be final.

Can I have £200 towards a new laptop?

Only if you are in receipt of Disabled Student Allowances, your DSA recommendation letter recommends specialist equipment and your household income is less than £25,000. You can only receive this once in your time at the University.

What support is available to me through the University?

Student Welfare Helping you feel good in mind, body and spirit.

Student Support - A helping hand through university life

Cost of living | Aston University

What other support is available to me

Independent and confidential support through Aston Student Union Advice and Support.

The Student Union has a food pantry that you can drop in during opening hours.

Students can look at the money tips and advice from Save the Student