Research degrees/PhD

The world of research is changing, and the transferable skills learned at the frontiers of knowledge are becoming highly sought-after throughout industry, government and academia.

Cutting-edge research performed at Aston brings unique opportunities to cultivate the experts of tomorrow and apply their knowledge to the real world. As an Aston research student, you will be at the forefront of this process, working to solve challenges that impact the lives of people everywhere.

We welcome internationally recognised academics and specialists from all over the globe, embedding our students in a vibrant and inclusive research environment. Additionally, researchers will benefit from access to an international community of alumni, helping to build your professional profile and provide unique opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Whether you embark on a research course at Aston to enhance your current career or begin a new profession entirely, we aim to equip researchers with the outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills necessary to unlock new and exciting opportunities around the world.

chemical engineer researcher