Degree apprenticeships

Want to challenge yourself academically while working in a professional environment?

Degree apprenticeships are a new route into higher education, based on a collaboration between employers, apprentices and our University.

Unlike traditional higher-education qualifications, the recruitment is led by the employer – so students can’t apply to us directly. However, Aston works closely with businesses as part of our highly successful apprenticeship scheme, and we’re proud of our extensive links with industry.

As an apprentice, you'll benefit form the best of both worlds – achieving a degree or a Masters alongside valuable work experience. Spending 20 percent of your working week studying towards a qualification, you’ll also make a significant contribution to your workplace and earn a salary as well as wider employability skills.

Apprenticeships are designed by employers and professional bodies, ensuring you can move seamlessly into a skilled profession. Best of all, costs are covered by the government and your employer, so you’ll finish the programme debt-free.

To facilitate entry to our DA courses, Aston University subcontracts support for Degree Apprentices to achieve entry-level Maths and English qualifications. Our subcontractor statement can be found here.


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