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Programme Approval and Update

Changes to material information that have already been planned for 2018 entry, and which are included in the School lists in Appendix B below, must be approved and communicated to offer holders by 31 January 2018. Changes to the material information for 2019 entry are expected to be in place by 30 September 2018.

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Consumer Law Compliance Arrangements for 2017/18

In response to the Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) review of Higher Education providers’ compliance with consumer law, the University set up a CMA Steering Group (currently Sarah Davies, Frank Eperjesi, Sapreena Kumari, Alison Levey, Ben McAree and Victoria Mee), with responsibility for how compliance processes are carried out, and the communication with stakeholders. The Group reviewed how processes worked during 2016/17, and in May and June 2017, made recommendations to the University Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC), which were subsequently approved.  These are contained in guidance below:

  • The University's compliance with consumer law - recent activity and changes for 2017/18
  • Appendix B - Curriculum Changes to be made for 2018 entry - School returns
  • Appendix C - Deadlines for Modifications with material changes 2018 entry
  • Appendix D - Deadlines for Modifications 2019 entry, and non-standard entry

Programme Approval and Modification

This section is applicable to all new programmes from 13 February 2017 and any programme modification or withdrawal form  02 March 2017.  Any programmes already in the approval process should follow the previous process and documentation.

This page provides information for all taught degrees. For research programmes please click here.

Briefing notes:

Briefing slides on the new process for approval of new programmes can be found here.


New Programmes:

Programme Modifications:

Programme Withdrawals:

  • PASC Process Document for Programme Withdrawals from 2017/18

Supporting Documentation:

  • Academic Services Information Form
  • Contacts (key contacts, PASC, CPSG and Schools)
  • Curriculum Map Template (PG)
  • Curriculum Map Template (UG)
  • Design Principles (see section of the Process Document)
  • Document Checklist (New Programme Approval)
  • Document Checklist (Programme Modification)
  • First Filter Form
  • Module Template
  • Pro-Forma for Calculating Costs and Income
  • Programme Specification Guidance Notes
  • Programme Specification Templates:
    • Integrated Masters
    • Postgraduate Taught
    • Undergraduate Bachelor and LLB
    • Undergraduate Foundation Degree
  • Programme Specific Approval Panel (PSAP) Report Template (New Programme Approval)
  • Programme Specification Update Document (Programme Modification)
  • Programme Withdrawal Form (Programme Withdrawal)
  • School Final Endorsement Form


For enquiries about the Programme Approval and Modification process, please contact Shelley Campbell.

If you have difficulties accessing any of these materials, please contact Steve Jones.