CLD Good Practice Guides

'Good Practice Guide in Learning and Teaching Volume 8'

'In at the deep end', was developed by Phil Race, who is a visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University. It has been designed to help you to cope with those first few critical elements of your work in teaching in higher education and has been made available to staff and students at Aston University, courtesy of CLIPP.


'Writing and using good learning outcomes'discusses the value of learning outcomes for:
• Planning excellent programmes and modules
• Teaching and supporting learning in appropriate ways
• Enabling students to receive useful feedback
• Assessing students validly, and
• Usefully reviewing programmes, modules and teaching.

'Cultural Inclusivity' offers some discussion of good practice in cultural inclusivity in the context of curriculum design, assessment, delivery and organisation.


'Hands-on Internationalisation' sets out to provide an overview of internationalisation, illustrated through examples of ongoing work in one UK university.

'Inclusive Learning, Teaching Tips & Case Studies' aims to assist you in providing an inclusive learning experience for all students at Aston University, in order for them to have an opportunity to achieve a fulfilling and rewarding outcome.

'Good Practice Guide in Learning and Teaching Volume 7' represents some of the current preoccupations of Learning and Teaching practitioners, both at Aston and nationally.  The key themes are Diversity, Interaction and Reflection.

'JISC Tech Dis - Accessibility Essentials' is a series of guides from JISC that will assist you making your teaching materials accessible to everyone. They have been recently updated to include advice and guidance for Microsoft Office 2007.


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research