Clearing 2022

Clearing 2022 is now closed

Aston University Clearing 2022

We are closed for applications in Clearing except for the small number of courses below.

To discuss your options

If you want to discuss your options or need help completing the Clearing Application Form, please call our
Clearing Helpline: 0800 917 5923
Please note: We will not be making offers over the phone.

You can also get in touch via our social media channels if you have general clearing questions.

Aston University Clearing 2021

International Students

International Clearing is now closed. If you have received a Clearing offer, please follow our step-by-step guide on how to confirm your place.


I’m An Aston Applicant, But I Missed My Grades, Did I Get My Place?

If you are an Aston applicant, our Admissions team will have reviewed your application and may still be able to confirm your place. Please check UCAS Track and your emails for confirmation or more information. We may have contacted with an alternative course to study. The best thing to do is:

Check your Track on Results Day to see if a confirmation decision is available Check your emails

If you are still not sure, please call out team to discuss your options. Clearing Helpline: 0800 917 5923
Please note: We will not be making offers over the phone.

I Have Not Met My Aston Offer Grades, What Should I Do?

If your grades are lower than expected and you have not met your offer, you should look at the clearing vacancies listed on our website where the entry requirement is lower than your current offer. If you are keen to study one of these, and you meet the entry requirements, you should apply using the Clearing Application Form.

I Have A Place At Another University But I Want To Study At Aston

If you have a place at another university, but want to apply to Aston, you will need to use the self-release feature on UCAS Track before you apply to us.

NB: Please check our clearing vacancies (above in the table) to ensure the course you want is available in clearing and that you meet the entry requirements before you use the self-release option.

Once your UCAS track shows you are in clearing, you should apply using our Clearing Application Form

If you want to discuss your options, please call our Clearing helpline: 0800 917 5923. Please note – we will not be making offers over the phone, but our team can help you understand your options and assist if you get stuck using our Clearing Application Form.

I Have A Place At Aston But I Want To Study A Different Course

If you are an existing Aston applicant and want to change programme, contact the Admissions Team via Our team will then advise you if a change of programme is possible.

How Do I Accept My Aston Offer?

Once we’ve made you an offer:

Log onto your UCAS Track account add Aston University (A80) and the course UCAS code you have received in your offer email.

Once you have accepted your offer we aim to confirm your place on the course within one working day if not sooner.

Your offer email will state what the deadline is for accepting.

How Do I Apply For Accommodation?

Once you have your place confirmed, you can apply for campus accommodation. You will need your Student ID Number.

The ID number will be available to you in your Welcome to Aston Email and all communications you will receive from us once your place is confirmed.

You can secure your room online.

I have missed the deadline for my Clearing offer – what should I do?

Please note that we will not be extending any Clearing offer deadline.

If you have not submitted your UCAS application on time, check our website to see if we still have vacancies on the course you want. If so, please submit a new online application.

If we do not have any vacancies left on your chosen course, then unfortunately we are no longer able to honour your offer.