Congratulations! You’ve done the hard work; you’ve got an offer.

The next step is to get your placement approved by our On Placement Support team. This will require you to create a MAP record which tells us all the basic information about your placement, and then upload some paperwork signed by a manager or contact from your placement provider.

The next steps...

Step 1

Use this guidance document to help you create your MAP record. It is essential that you do this as soon as possible so we know you have found a placement.

You will need the following information to create your MAP record:
•    The name and address of the organisation you will be working for
•    Your job title
•    The start and end date of your placement
•    If you don’t have precise dates, an estimated start date and duration (e.g. 9 months)
•    The placement type (UK placement, international work placement, study abroad)
•    If your placement is pad or unpaid, and the salary level for paid placements
•    If the role is onsite (in an office), remote (from home) or hybrid (both)
•    How you found your placement (via Aston Futures or your placement coordinator)

Step 2

You will need to scan and upload the documents listed below to MAP so they can be approved by the Placements Team. It is your responsibility to get signed documentation from your employer.

Work Placement 
You will need three documents to evidence your placement: 
1.    The signed UK Placement Agreement Form which should be completed by both you and your employer

2.    The signed Health & Safety Form, which should be completed by both you and your employer 

3.    Your Job Description - You must submit a copy of your job description. This should list your responsibilities, showing you have responsibility of a project, a process, a person, or a combination of these. Your job description should be on letter-headed paper or signed or stamped by the employer. 

You can download the forms from our Placement Year guide here. If your employer will not sign the UK Placement Agreement Form, you must supply a contract detailing your salary, working hours, start and end dates, and a completed Health & Safety Form.  

If you have secured an international work or study abroad placement, you will also need to complete a Travel Risk Assessment. You can find more information about Getting your International Placement Approved on our “before you book travel” pages, or you can contact for more information.

Step 3

Once you have created your MAP record and uploaded your documents, please inform your college placements team on the below addresses:  

Important information 
Once you have accepted a placement, it is a legally binding agreement and you cannot change your mind. It is, however, okay to ask for an extension before accepting a placement offer, as well as negotiating the start date if appropriate. Once you accept a placement you must withdraw from any other recruitment processes. 
Student finance letters 
You will only receive student finance letters after the placement has been approved on MAP which can take 3-5 weeks from submission depending on the time of year.  

Other information
Before heading off on placement, we recommend you read our Placement Year Guide. It’s full of useful information to help you make the most of your experience. 
If you require a personalised insurance letter to support your visa application, please request this through stating your travel dates.
If you have any concerns about your placement, don't hesitate to get in touch - we’re here to help.
If you have any questions about visas or finances, please contact The Hub.