What is Aston360? 

An online platform designed to support career development and improve career confidence. We’ve tailored the platform for Aston students and graduates.  

When logging into the platform, you’ll find lots of useful articles to help you with your career journey on topics such as exploring career possibilities, CV and interview advice, career management and much more!

The platform is home to three essential tools that we think you will find invaluable:


CV360 is a tool to help you transform your CV to boost your chances of getting to interview.

Many large employers and recruitment websites use artificial intelligence to help them recruit graduates – software known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). An ATS completes automated checks on a CV, recommending only the highest scoring candidates for further consideration. If a CV fails to pass these checks, the application may not progress to the next stage of the process.

CV360 is an ATS emulator which carries out checks of your CV and provides you with a detailed feedback report and a score. This will allow you to improve how easily an ATS views and interprets your CV, increasing the chance that you are recommended for further consideration by a human recruiter.

We encourage you to use CV360 to support you to develop your CV – aiming to gain a score of 100%. You should work to improve all issues highlighted in your feedback report, whilst dismissing only those points that cannot be addressed.

Don’t forget there’s no substitute for a human review, so once you have used CV360 to improve your CV, we recommend you attend one of our CV workshops or book an appointment with a Careers and Placements team member via Aston Futures


Interview360 is a tool to help you practise and develop your interview skills.

In a world where employers are increasingly using video or virtual interviews when recruiting graduates, Interview360 gives you the perfect way of preparing for important conversations with employers and gives you the chance to practise and develop your interview skills. You’ll be able to: 

  • Undertake interviews from different job sectors and employers to test your ability to deliver confident and appropriate answers under pressure – gaining instant tips and feedback to help you improve.
  • Explore common interview questions and learn the techniques that will help you stand out from other applicants. 
  • Generate a personalised video mock interview experience, creating a unique interview based on a CV you've uploaded to CV360 – letting you prepare for unique questions that might come up.

Once you have used Interview360, you may wish to attend an upcoming workshop, event, or book an appointment with a Careers and Placements team member via Aston Futures, who will be happy to provide further support and guidance.


The Aston+ programme is an excellent tool to acquire the essential skills needed for your future employability. 

What makes this tool stand out is its flexibility. You can progress through the modules at your own pace, regardless of your current year of study or career stage. It’s a self-directed platform that will give you the framework to reflect on your career, make informed decisions, apply for jobs, and smoothly transition into your next career milestone. 

The modules are designed to cater to your needs and preferences, allowing you to focus on the tasks that require your attention and work through them in any order that suits you best.

You can choose from 5 key modules to work through:

  • Awareness – Focuses on who you are and how you can use this to your advantage.
  • Searching for Ideas – Exploring what’s out there, your labour market and networking.
  • Thinking about your options – Options and decision making.
  • Optimising your applications – CVs, applications and interview skills.
  • Navigating the World of Work - Transition into your next step.

Although Aston+ is designed for self-directed learning, you can always get additional help from a member of the Careers and Placements team. Just book an appointment via Aston Futures.

NOTE: This tool will only be available to students until the end of July. CV360 and Interview360 will continue to be available beyond this point.

How to access Aston360

To access Aston360, you just need to head to the links below where you'll be taken to the Aston360 dashboard, or directly to one of our tools. Access to Aston360 is exclusive to Aston students, so you will need to log in using your student credentials.

Note: You may be required to use multi-factor authentication if you're accessing Aston360 for the first time when not connected to the university network. Full details of how to set up (MFA) can be found via Solve. Please ensure you have the latest version of your browser installed as older versions may not support access to the software.

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