As an Aston University student, you get access to a number of helpful resources to help you practise your skills and be prepared for the world of work.

Whether you want to get ready for an assessment centre or prepare your CV before an application, there's a tool to help you.

Note: You may be required to use multi-factor authentication if you're accessing some of our software when not connected to the university network. Full details of how to set-up (MFA) can be found via Solve. Please ensure you have the latest version of your browser installed as older versions may not support access to the software.


Software Guides

Profiling for Success by Team Focus - Access Guide

Useful Links

Math's Centre  - Aston's Learning and Development Centre can offer help with your numerical skills.

The British Psychological Society (BPS) - useful information for test-takers

Math Centre Numeracy Refresher Booklet - ideal preparation for graduate-level numerical reasoning tests

eFinancial Careers - practise high-level numerical tests similar to those used by major investment banks

The Morrisby Profile - practice tests to discover your strengths and abilities

The Vark questionnaire- discover more about your learning styles and strengths

Prospects graduate career planning site providing sample questions

Berger Aptitude Tests also known as B-Apt, used to test aptitude for IT roles

Assessment Day sample tests and is of particular relevance to engineering students

WikiJob is an online community for job-hunting graduates with information, links and discussions regarding psychometric testing.

A Guide to Situational Judgement Tests - A handy guide on situational judgment tests from


We have a large collection of psychometric test books available to borrow from the careers resource library. All students wishing to use the library will have to register for a careers library card. Just pop into the Centre on the 1st Floor, South Wing, and a member of the team will be able to help you. Once a member, you are eligible to borrow our specialist careers resources for up to three days (on the first loan). Renewals are available over the phone.