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Find out what some of our participants have to say about our programmes

We asked three participants in one of our executive development programmes to tell us about the benefits they felt that they had gained from their experience.

Our participants' views

Josephine Teo, L’Oréal Learning for Development Director for China & Asia Pacific countries

"The programme gave me confidence that there is a structure that I can fall back on – a “bible” that I can refer to."

Kavita Maru, SITA Programme Project Manager

"What I value most about the Aston Diploma in Management is that it is fantastically structured, giving individuals a path into the Executive stream. The coordination between both SITA and Aston is processed and because of this smooth running the Aston delegates are well prepared before they arrive on the first day. The Diploma carries a heavy weight on an individual’s career and the importance of succeeding has been greatly emphasised by the feedback received."

Costas Bovolis, L’Oréal HRD Greece

"Since the first days of the programme, it became clear that some of the tools were appealing to me and some not. Using those that made me feel comfortable is magnificent. I live in an organisation where tools have not been important. These tools have given me a solid and concrete way to work in the context of change."

Stefano Ghisoni, L’Oréal Social Relations Director for Europe

"I worked on global L'Oréal guidelines concerning change management and the seminar was very useful for that (paramount, I dare say). My procedures on restructuring projects were improved as well. Now they are perfectly aligned with the more general ones."

Jo Hardy, Customer Plus Ltd.

"Events like these give young professionals the chance to learn more outside of the workplace. They are thought provoking and personally they inspire me to think about how I can make a difference in my organisation."

Alex Bishop, Shoosmiths

"An extremely engaging speaker and thought provoking subject matter - we owe it to our teams to take time out to consider strategies for growth and innovation. This well worthwhile session provided extremely useful practical insights which are relevant to anyone in a position of leadership."

Sherif ElGhatrifi, Bupa International

"Being on the Senior Development Programme has fundamentally changed my perspective on problem solving. But what has made a huge difference for me are the tools I learnt to put my structure on how I approach challenges, in addition to the ability to build robust business cases that enable the business to perform at a higher level. It has shed light on how to better manage relationships across the business allowing, people to deliver what is needed."

Kandiece Manyan - Project Engineer, Magnox Limited

"The course was very well delivered, and it was a great mix of activities and learning to aid my understanding.  It was really amazing to have Sean Balmer take time about to speak to us. It was really helpful to see things from people with their level of experience."

Briony Young - Safety Case Engineer, Magnox Limited

"Course delivery was very good, with engaging lecturers explaining concepts at the right level. It was useful to have a presentation from a Nuclear Decommissioning Authority executive to put key learning points into perspective."

Patrick Eames - Mechanical Engineer, Sellafield Ltd

"The two day course was well delivered, the content was intellectually stimulating, and I feel the learning will be useful to me in the future both through using the practical skills and in having a better understanding of the industry in which I work and the commercial world in general, which will underpin nearly everything I do."

Laura Daubney - Graduate Chemist, Magnox Ltd.

''A great insight into the commercial side of a business. I feel I have a much greater appreciation of the commercial aspects of my industry whilst also gaining an understanding of the role I play in the business."

Jamie Murray, Carillion Services

''The people management module was relevant, interesting and well presented. The content was communicated in an easy to understand and enjoyable manner and easy to apply into my role. I look forward to the next module with Aston."

Marcos Hart, Carillion Defence

''The most important learning I’ve taken from the people management module is the importance of measuring the effectiveness of my leadership.  Continuous improvement is not just about reducing costs, refining processes and improving KPI’s, it’s about regularly gauging how effectively I am engaging and leading the people that I work with.  I now have the tools to make that improvement."

Chris Newson - Principal Engineer, Jacobs

''Aston Business School opened my eyes to the skills I needed to progress my career into higher management. Applying this new found knowledge into my working life is already reaping benefits with new and exciting opportunities opening in front of me. I cannot fault the high quality of both the lecturing and support staff along with the quality facilities they offer."

Mark Williams - Sales Manager, Hadley Group

''The professional approach adopted by the University engages students from various professions, and creates a working environment suitable for business related modules. The facilities at the school are second to none, and I would recommend the business school without any hesitation."

Paul Hutchinson - Divisional Director, Jacob

"Aston provide more than just a qualification - they offer real value to the business through bespoke packages that are tailored to the client's requirements and delivered in excellent facilities from dedicated staff."

Samantha Hodge - Senior Engineer, Jacobs

''The facilities available are World Class. The course itself is incredibly well designed to meet the specific needs of the company, and lecturers are enthusiastic and well versed in their topics, bringing them to life and allowing easy learning of module materials.  Support functions are second to none and you are made to feel that when you stay at the Business School you are in a ‘home from home'."

Theeba Ragunathan - Senior Solicitor, Projects' Carillion

''The Diploma in Management at Aston has enabled me to gain a greater understanding of corporate strategy, organisational behaviour, finance and strategic management in particular identifying the same in everyday life within my workplace. 

The lecturers at Aston have been really good to work with and take time to ensure we fully understand the theory in a business context. The exercises and sample questions have been particularly helpful as these are generally set within our industry, again ensuring we understand where we sit within all the theory. Above all however, it has been an enjoyable course. I certainly feel I am a better asset to Carillion with my Diploma in Management."

John Rennie - Programme Manager, Jacobs

''The programme has provided me with the ideal vehicle to gain an in depth knowledge of business techniques and processes in a world class learning environment.  As the course is tailored towards the Jacobs business philosophy, I found it easy to relate what I learned at Aston to my own projects and how these contribute to the T&D Business Unit and Jacobs as a whole.  

There are the further associated benefits such as networking with other professionals throughout the Jacobs family which helps to develop the boundary-less culture the company strives for.  In addition to this I have gained an appreciation of how other areas of the business operate from delegate feedback received first hand through open and honest discussions.  On a personal note I have made a number of new friends which has enhanced the overall learning experience."

Dominique Daenen - Director, Supplier Quality & Program Quality - Europe, International Automotive Components

''Participating in the Aston Business School Leadership Development Program was a true eye-opener for me.  It helped me to step out of my comfort zone and look at the bigger picture in our organisation, which in turn has helped me to become a better leader."

Paul Burns - VP Programme Management Office, International Automotive Components

''The modules are tailored to cover recent real life business situation as well as the basic theory, and in our case actually used data from our own company as case studies and exercises, giving it credibility, and practical usage. 

For me the highlight of the experience was running a simulation in teams, each of us taking on a department role, and running the business, taking into effect market changes, competitor moves etc, This really put into practice the base module theories for me, bridging the experience from an academic one to a real world model. 

Throughout the whole course the lecturers are people who were from industries, and were trying to bridge the gap between theories, and real company practices.   All this was set in a modern environment, great accommodation, and catering facilities, with engaging and dynamic staff.

Thank you Aston for an enjoyable and engaging course."

Agnieszka Kossakowska - Controlling Manager, CeDo

"The programme taught me how to take into account the variables of the many areas in decision-making process. Thanks to this, my ability to lead noticeably increased. The strong point of the course was lecturers - they were not fixated on strict adherence to the programme and its theories. On the contrary, they were open-minded and have adapted the issues discussed to the conditions under which participants of the programme work every day, which significantly increased the effectiveness of the training."

Neil Smith - Chief Estimator, Special Projects, Bison Concrete Products Limited

''I attended the course with 'manager' in my job title but swiftly discovered that the difference between calling yourself a manager and BEING a manager, having the tools, training etc. to do the job effectively, is vast. 

The team at Aston University was excellent in communicating the course, taking time to explain and ensure that it was understood.   In the time since completing the course, I have found that several of the lessons taught have by default become the norm for how I conduct my work life, and interact with/manage my team. 

In addition I have adapted many of the lessons learned into other aspects of both my work and private lives. I firmly believe that the more professional approach learned at Aston has benefitted my career progression as well. 

I cannot recommend Aston University highly enough."

Kate Andrew - Buildings maintenance co-operatives regional project officer, SPAB

"The Aston Business School Management Diploma provided me with a mix of academic rigour, up to date information about managing in my sector and the time to reflect on applying this as a manager. With a recent change of direction in my work, I have been pleased to have this knowledge to guide me."

Oliver Hierl - Manager, Product Engineering Central Europe, IAC Group

"It was not just one of the best programmes I have attended, it was the best in which I have participated."

Stuart Spedding - Waste Acceptance Specialist, LLW Repository Ltd

"I really enjoyed the Commercial Awareness and Technical Leadership modules and thought the delivery was excellent. I’ve found the knowledge I have acquired very beneficial and will promote the modules within the company in which I work."

Julia Bleakman - Technical Specialist Strategic Systems Integration, Jaguar Land Rover

"This is probably the best course I've been on. I think it will have a very good impact on my career but also in my life outside work. Thank you!"

Michael Shepherd BSc (Hons) DipPFS - Associate, Beckford James Chartered Financial Planners

"I have worked closely with Aston Business School for the last couple of years and during that time have brought my Leadership Team in to experience their management training day. The session was creative and original, introducing new ways of thinking and resulted in our team adapting new ways of working in terms of ideas and processes. I truly believe what I learnt on that one course will continue to benefit any team and organisation I manage going forward. A highly recommended experience!"

Marc Daly - Senior Facilities Manager, Healthcare & Infrastructure, Emrill Services LLC

"It has been a great experience with the Aston Business School over the last two years. The modules have added great value to me as a person and my CLP experience."

Tom Cripps, Hochtief Construction

"As with the Accounting module, Strategic Management was once again excellent and above all relevant. I have already started to use what I learnt and I am really looking forward to the remainder of the modules."

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