Aston is a leading university for graduate employment success, with over 25 years of experience in developing ambitious, sought-after graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Our free, comprehensive and award-winning recruitment service can save you time and money when looking for staff. We take on board all your requirements and ensure you find the right candidates for your business. We’re also completely flexible in our approach, and can help you:

  • Recruit and employ undergraduate students, postgraduate students and recent graduates
  • Connect with the relevant expertise to innovate and address high-spec technical challenges. We support businesses across a range of areas including AI, machine learning and big data analytics
  • Advertise part-time, project-based or full-time roles for free, through our exclusive online jobs platform
  • Exhibit at one of our careers fairs 
  • Interact with students virtually
  • Feature in student newsletters

In addition, we have multiple funding opportunities which can be used to support your recruitment needs. SMEs, in particular, have access to a range of initiatives such as the Santander SME Employability Scheme and the HLSM Project. Speak to a member of our team to discuss detailed funding options and eligibility requirements.

Gymshark founder Ben Francis explains why students are an essential part of the workforce, and student Chloe reflects on her placement experience.

11 reasons to employ an Aston student or graduate 

  • Aston’s close links with industry ensure that our degree programmes are relevant, constantly updated and meet your needs as an employer.  
  • As well as instilling professional skills and knowledge, all of our degree courses are designed to give students the transferable skills valued by employers such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving.  
  • Recruiting a student or graduate is a flexible and low-cost recruitment solution that produces both short- and long-term business benefits.   
  • If you have a new project coming up and want to provide additional support to your existing team, having a placement student on-board could help relieve the pressure. 
  • Students bring a fresh perspective, offering original ideas, new ways of thinking, and a surge of energy!  
  • They’re digital-savvy and often ahead of the game with new technologies – essential in keeping up with today’s evolving business world. 
  • Students can also provide a team member with experience of supervising or managing – a great development opportunity for your staff. 
  • Many employers use placements as a way to build a pipeline of future talent. A high number of our students go back to work at businesses full-time once they graduate.  
  • Students and graduates are fantastic brand ambassadors and can help businesses recruit more top talent. 
  • For overseas companies, English-speaking students can be a real bonus – as can students who are studying another language. 
  • Our international students from countries around the world can bring multi-cultural awareness and an international perspective, bringing a range of benefits and useful when tapping into new overseas markets.

Why work with Aston? 

We have over 11,000 students from a diverse range of backgrounds, so there’s plenty of talent to recruit from. Our three colleges – Engineering and Physical Sciences, Business and Social Sciences, Health and Life Sciences –  offer hundreds of courses covering skills relevant to virtually all sectors and job roles. Our courses are designed with industry in mind, and our students receive a practical and vocational education to ensure they develop the real-world skills that businesses need.  

Along with being named The Guardian’s ‘University of the Year’ for 2020, we’re proud to hold the following accolades: 

  • Best University Career/Employability Service – National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards, 2020 
  • Best University Collaboration between a University and Employer – National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards, 2020 
  • Building Effective Partnerships Award – Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service (AGCAS) Awards for Excellence, alongside Birmingham City University and Newman University, 2020 
  • Outstanding University Partnership with an Employer and/or Supplier – Institute of Student Employers (ISE) Awards, 2020 
Deutsche Bank, Germany

Our experience with both Aston and the students we have taken on over the years has been very positive. The students have proven themselves to be valuable staff members and have contributed actively to improving our service product. In a number of cases, students have been taken on full-time following completion of their degree course.

Civil Service Fast Stream 

We are delighted to attend Aston University's regular campus events and speak to students about the opportunities we offer. The Careers Service has been great to work with; we've appreciated its regular and clear communication. The events we have attended have all been well organised and we've been impressed particularly by the consideration given to accessibility. We've felt incredibly welcomed by the University and we look forward to attending many more events in the future.

Mondelez International

Aston students and graduates have had a positive impact on our business. As an Aston alumnus it feels particularly rewarding to be supporting Aston’s students and graduates with opportunities during these challenging times.

How to reach our students 

It can be a challenge for businesses to raise their profile amongst the student community and attract the best applicants. At Aston, we have a team of specialists ready to help promote your company and target the right students for you. 

Advertise your roles on Aston Futures  

Aston Futures is our bespoke career management hub, providing a user interface for employers looking to recruit Aston students. 

Used by our students from day one right up to three years after graduation, Aston Futures offers you the opportunity to advertise your jobs directly to Aston students and graduates. Best of all, this fast, easy service is available to you free of charge.   

Benefits of an Aston Futures profile include: 

  • Increased presence: Your profile will allow students to view company information regardless of whether you’re currently advertising. 
  • Make changes and view archives: Amend current adverts and view or copy archived jobs you wish to edit and/or re-advertise. 
  • Attachments: Upload documents to support your job information, such as company brochures and forms. 
  • Events: View and register your interest in upcoming Careers Fairs and events, where you can meet Aston students and raise your profile online or on campus. 
  • More contact: Benefit from emails to provide confirmation of registration, approval of jobs posted and notifications when your advert is about to expire. 

If you aren’t already on Aston Futures, please complete our online registration form – we aim to check and approve registrations within 2 working days, however, we may require further information in accordance with our due diligence measures in order to proceed beyond this timeframe.

Take part in our careers fairs

Our next Autumn term fair will be hosted on Monday, October 21st 2024. Find out more here

Run a skills workshop

Employer-led workshops are extremely popular with our students and give them an opportunity to learn about your organisation and the kind of candidates you’re looking for. 

Ideally, the skills workshop should be interactive and enable the students to learn and practice the skills needed during the recruitment process. The session could be based on application forms, interview techniques, assessment centres, and psychometric tests. You can use this opportunity to incorporate information about your company and the opportunities available. For more information, please contact the Employer Engagement Team.

Drop-in events

Our drop-in events provide an opportunity to meet with our students on a more informal basis; these take place in the Main Foyer area, during the busy lunchtime hours of 12-2 pm. Bring along a stand, one or two representatives, company information and any giveaways and talk informally to our students about your graduate and/or placement opportunities

Only one drop-in per day will be booked, making it an exclusive promotional opportunity for your organisation. 

The drop-in events take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week during term time and are charged at £150 (+VAT) with a reduced rate of £100 +VAT for SMEs/charities. Full organisational support and promotion are included in the cost. 

To find out availability and to book a session please mail our Employer Team.

Communicate with our students

We send out regular newsletters to our students during term time and manage a number of social media channels. These channels are a great way for you to raise student awareness of your brand, and promote an opportunity, event or competition. For more information, please contact the Employer Engagement Team

Get in touch

Aston's Employer Engagement Team is here to support your recruitment needs – whether that’s a part-time role, project work, a placement opportunity or something longer term. To discuss the best possible opportunities for your organisation, get in touch at: