Aston University partners with Kallik Ltd to revitalise software through innovative computer vision and machine learning.

The Company

Kallik is a leading global provider of labelling and artwork management (LAM) software. Their product, Veraciti, is an innovative software platform used for safety critical applications and ensures that all packaging, labelling, informational leaflets and instructions are both consistent and comply with the latest legal, regulatory, safety, marketing/branding and manufacturing information regardless of format.  

Kallik's target markets are highly regulated, safety critical industries where accuracy of labels are critical to avoid product recalls, hefty fines from regulatory authorities and patient/ consumer safety issues. 

The Challenge

Kallik's current manual processes are labour- and time-intensive, costly and enable opportunity for error. Analysing a large volume of "labels" to extract accurate, meaningful information and identify images or symbols is not trivial, particularly in safety critical applications, resulting in this project needing specific expertise and so best suited to an academic team through a KTP.

Kallik has the core software engineering and industry knowledge to absorb and exploit the transferred knowledge. However, this will only be possible once the associate and academics have transferred and embedded the missing expertise into Kallik’s workforce. The biggest challenge for the team will be ensuring the effective transfer of knowledge as this will determine the success of the KTP.

The Solution

Academics from the University’s College of Engineering and Physical Sciences will significantly enhance Kallik's offer to clients by incorporating advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into their LAM software solution. 

Implementing automated processes will significantly improve Veraciti in terms of both time and cost, which will be attractive to Kallik's target markets, rationalising fragmented labelling supply chains and ensuring compliance with regulators.

Further benefits of this KTP include:

  • Aston will input their expertise into the business enabling Kallik to continue developing their software post KTP adding innovative new features in the future
  • This is the first application of this innovative technology into this market sector; this unique solution has the potential to be leveraged for other industry use
  • The capability to manage changes in labelling with agility will lead to a reduction in manufacturers' carbon footprints by reducing the waste in pre-printed obsolete labelling

Team Aston

Academics leading on this project include Dr Garcia-Dominguez, lecturer in Computer Science at Aston University. His core research interests lie in software testing, model-driven engineering, novel methods for engineering education and the interaction between model-driven engineering and intelligent systems. 

Dr Garcia-Dominguez will work alongside Dr George Vogiatzis, who has expertise in machine learning techniques, including deep learning neural networks and deep-learning methodologies for indexing large video and image collections.

Dr Vogiatzis will support the AI and ML to develop appropriate algorithms and Dr Garcia Dominguez will turn these algorithms into a solution that can be embedded into the software.

Next steps

The KTP is expected to complete in 2023 – look out for more updates by following us on Twitter and checking our webpage

For more information about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships or an informal chat, email or call 0121 204 4242.