Ummul-Khair Abubakar Musajo MSc International Relations student

Choosing Aston University

Ummul-Khair Abubakar Musajo chose Aston University to study MSc International Relations, drawn by its dynamic learning environment and focus on practical skills. She found the University's commitment to fostering a global perspective and its strong emphasis on practical skills development aligned with her aspirations.

The comprehensive curriculum, emphasising global issues, diplomacy and cross-cultural understanding, "aligned perfectly" with her passion for making an impact in international affairs.

Ummul-Khair relished the "opportunity to delve into complex global issues" within her course. "The programme provided a diverse range of perspectives, allowing me to explore different theories and viewpoints", she reflected. This exploration enhanced her understanding of the intricate interplay between political, economic and social dynamics on a global scale.


Advice for future students

To students considering the MSc International Relations programme at Aston University, Ummul-Khair offered enthusiastic encouragement. "I would highly encourage you to take the plunge", she commented.

She highlighted Aston University's "vibrant and inclusive academic environment", which nurtures theoretical and practical skills. "What sets Aston [University] apart is not only its academic excellence but also the emphasis on real-world application", she noted.

Ummul-Khair added: "The coursework incorporates interactive elements, including seminars, debates and hands-on projects, allowing you to actively engage with the subject matter."

She concluded: "The diverse and multicultural student body enriches the learning experience, providing a global perspective that is crucial in the field of international relations."

ASton University campus with goose