Shannon Franklin MA English

Choosing and staying with Aston University

For Shannon Franklin, the decision to pursue her MA in English at Aston University was deeply rooted in her positive undergraduate experience at the institution. "After studying my undergraduate degree at Aston [University], I felt that this was the only place for me to continue studying", Shannon explained.

Starting her journey at Aston University on the English Language and Literature programme, Shannon gained a fondness for the English department and the support she received. She said: "The English department is fantastic, and I knew I would be supported throughout my further studies".

Shannon highlighted the flexibility and variety offered by the MA English programme, allowing students to "tailor the programme to their passions and interests".


Exploring MA English

Reflecting on her MA English journey, Shannon expressed profound appreciation for the depth and breadth of topics covered in the programme.

"MA English has showed me literature and language in a way I never expected to see it", she shared.

The programme's emphasis on postgraduate-level thinking encouraged Shannon to question conventional wisdom and explore diverse perspectives.

Shannon enjoyed the variety of topics covered within the MA programme. She said: "The scope of topics that we studied was incredible, from language used in mental health wards and in the criminal justice system, to language change and variation".

"This course not only developed my writing and English skills, it opened my eyes to see English in new contexts and perspectives", Shannon added.


Shannon Franklin MA English


Shannon Franklin MA English

Advice for future students

To students considering the MA English programme at Aston University, Shannon offered unequivocal encouragement. "If you are thinking about studying MA English at Aston [University], do it!" she urged.

Shannon emphasised the richness of experiences and knowledge that students can gain through the programme. Beyond enhancing language proficiency, the course fosters a deeper understanding of the world and its intricacies. She underscores that while the degree focuses on English, its impact extends far beyond language studies, shaping a holistic understanding of the world.


Advice for recent graduates

Drawing from her experiences, Shannon shared invaluable advice with fellow Aston University alumni. "Take any opportunity that excites you", she advised.

She encouraged alumni to pursue their passions and strive for their ideal futures, embracing unexpected journeys that may lead to unforeseen destinations. Moreover, Shannon stressed the importance of lifelong learning, highlighting education as a pathway to limitless opportunities and personal growth.

"Never stop learning! Education in any form will set you free; it gives you the ability to do anything you dream of", Shannon concluded.


Shannon Franklin MA English