Choosing MA TESOL at Aston University

Dr Saba Azimi, now a lecturer in English for speakers of other languages, was drawn to Aston University's MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) programme by its practical approach to teaching English. With a PhD in English literature, she sought a university that effectively merged theory with practicality. "Aston [University] stood out because of its practical and socially-informed research," Saba stated, also noting Aston University's high employability rates.

The sense of community also significantly influenced her choice. "What drew me most to Aston [University] was the loyalty of its students," she recalled, describing the university as a "home away from home" and praising its supportive environment.

Choosing TESOL was a deliberate decision for Saba, stemming from her passion during a CELTA course. She views TESOL not just as a career gateway but as a "treasure chest for both experienced and new teachers". This reflects her deep commitment to teaching and the value she places on Aston University's comprehensive educational approach.

Reflecting on the MA TESOL programme, Saba said: "The dynamic blend of theoretical insights and practical applications was what I enjoyed most."

A key highlight for Saba was the course’s interdisciplinary nature, allowing her to personalise her learning experience. She also valued the flipped learning method and the comprehensive reading lists. “Every session offered a glimpse into carefully selected sources,” Saba noted, appreciating the effort put into curating these educational resources.


Saba Azimi MA TESOL graduate




Outside the classroom

"There's always a vibrant atmosphere at Aston University, and I've been actively engaged in various extracurricular activities", Saba explained.

"I've participated in conferences and talks that align closely with my research interests, providing me with valuable insights and networking opportunities."

Saba shared: "I'm excited about attending the live session for the recording of my professor's renowned podcast, CorpusCast," highlighting her involvement in activities beyond the classroom that added depth to her learning experience.


Advice for future students

For students considering TESOL at Aston University, Saba offers a resounding endorsement. "It's a resounding yes," she says, citing Aston University’s vibrant academic atmosphere and the approachability of staff as key factors in her positive experience.

She even contemplates the idea of returning to Aston University for further studies, reflecting her deep connection to the university. "Aston [University] has become more than just an educational institution; it feels like a scholarly home," she concludes.

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