Choosing MA TESOL at Aston University

Already equipped with an MA in Applied Linguistics, Parnaz Pourshakibaee decided to embark on a transformative journey through Aston University's MA TESOL programme. Her decision to pursue this course stemmed from a desire to enhance pedagogical skills and explore research and analytical aspects further.

"I hold an MA in Applied Linguistics and I decided to take a TESOL course to enhance my pedagogical skills and expand my research and analytical abilities", explained Parnaz. Aston University's TESOL programme, known for its comprehensive curriculum covering theory, practice and research, appealed to her due to its proven track record of producing graduates in high demand both nationally and internationally.

The programme's emphasis on practical learning was a highlight for Parnaz. "One aspect that I found particularly enjoyable was the comprehensive approach to learning", she reflected. Aston University provided access to a wealth of educational resources, including e-textbooks, reading materials and video clips recorded by lecturers. This diversity facilitated critical engagement with content and activities, allowing students to relate them to their own experiences.

Parnaz's journey was enriched by practical experiences, including microteaching sessions targeting diverse learner groups. "I gained valuable experience in teaching through various microteaching sessions", she shared. These sessions exposed her to real-life classroom scenarios, enabling her to plan and evaluate language lessons catering to varying proficiency levels. Through practical modes, Parnaz identified nuanced aspects of teaching that theory alone might overlook.


Parnaz Pourshakibaee MA TESOL



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Advice for future students

Reflecting on her experience, Parnaz shared valuable advice for prospective students considering Aston University's MA TESOL programme.

By joining our dynamic and engaged postgraduate community in MA TESOL, you will not only participate in practical modules but also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of stimulating conferences, seminars, and social gatherings."

These events are arranged by our supportive lecturers to enhance your motivation, encourage research, and provide continuous opportunities for you to be involved."