Leticia Oppong MSc International Relations

Choosing Aston University and International Relations

Leticia Oppong's decision to pursue her MSc in International Relations at Aston University was influenced by several factors. "I chose Aston University because of its graduate employment rate, its location at the heart of a city and it being named the University of the Year", Leticia recalled. The University's reputation for producing employable graduates, coupled with its central location and recent accolades, made it an attractive choice for her academic pursuits in international relations.

Throughout her programme, Leticia found particular enjoyment in the interactive seminars and the course's ability to connect theoretical thinking with real-world political realities. "I enjoyed interaction sections during seminars and how the course links one's thought to the political realities of the world", she reflected. The dynamic nature of the course content allowed her to engage deeply with international issues and understand their practical implications.


Outside of the classroom

Leticia actively participated in extracurricular activities, seizing opportunities beyond the classroom.

She said: "I had the opportunity to attend a simulation brief by the British International Students Association (BISA) on climate change at the Goodenough College in London". This engagement allowed her to broaden her understanding of global issues and network with peers and professionals in her field.

Aston campus



Leticia Oppong MSc International Relations

Advice for future students

For students considering the MSc International Relations programme at Aston University, Leticia offered encouraging words. "Aston University provides an array of opportunities that will nurture and unearth one's potential and career path", she affirmed.

Her endorsement underscores the University's commitment to offering a supportive and enriching environment for students pursuing their academic and professional aspirations in the field of international relations.