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BSc (Hons) International Relations and Social Policy graduate, Georgia Clews, shares her story

Choosing Aston University

Georgia Clews' choice of Aston University was influenced by its urban campus setting, diverse community and strong academic reputation. "I wanted to go to a university that had a campus but was still based in a big city and Aston [University] could offer this to me," she said. "The diversity of students that attend Aston [University] also appealed to me."

Her decision to study International Relations and Social Policy was driven by the course's diverse modules and focus on contemporary global issues and policymaking. "It offered a variety of subjects and concentrated on foundational international relations principles," Georgia added, emphasising the programme's alignment with her academic interests.

Georgia's academic journey was marked by a blend of diverse modules, quality teaching and relevance to current affairs. "I particularly enjoyed the variety of modules, the approachable lecturers and the course's relevance to current events," she reflected. The diverse learning and assessment methods further enriched her educational experience, blending theoretical knowledge with practical insights.

​​​​​Georgia Clews International Relations and Social Policy graduate


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Outside the classroom

Beyond academics, Georgia actively engaged in extracurricular activities. Her involvement in Aston University's Women's Football Club - Aston Sharks - and Snow Club was a testament to her dynamic university life.

"I was vice chair of womens football in my second year and social secretary in my final year. I was also elected as a club representative on the Student Activities Executive Committee," she stated. Her dedication to these roles and charity work led to her recognition as the 'First Year of the Year', highlighting her commitment to the student community.


Advice for future students

Offering advice to prospective students, Georgia emphasises the importance of visiting the campus and researching courses. "I would recommended going to an open day to get a feel for the campus and doing your research on the course you want to do," she advised. This guidance is key for students to ensure they choose a course that truly resonates with their interests and career goals.

Georgia Clews International Relations and Social Policy graduate