Gabriel Akinade MSc International Relations

Choosing International Relations at Aston University

Embarking on a journey through the intricate world of international relations, Gabriel Akinade found his academic home at Aston University, drawn by its prestigious reputation and vibrant city setting. Currently pursuing his MSc in International Relations, Gabriel shares his motivations, experiences and advice for prospective students considering Aston University for their academic pursuits.

"Aston University was ranked 6th overall in the UK for International Relations (Guardian, 2023)", Gabriel reflected, underlining the decisive influence of rankings in his decision-making process. Yet, beyond rankings, Aston University's esteemed reputation and Birmingham's dynamic urban landscape resonated deeply with Gabriel's academic aspirations.

"Things including food and accommodation are relatively cheap in Birmingham despite being a mega city compared to other counterpart cities like Manchester and London", Gabriel noted, highlighting the practical allure of Birmingham as a student-friendly locale.


International community

Reflecting on his academic journey, Gabriel expressed genuine enthusiasm for the diverse cultural tapestry that enriched his learning experience. "I enjoyed the company of my colleagues from other diverse cultures", he shared, emphasising the invaluable exposure to varied perspectives within Aston University's vibrant international student community.

Beyond cultural diversity, Gabriel found intellectual stimulation in the course content itself. "The course modules are interesting and engaging", he affirmed, underscoring how his studies have broadened his understanding of global politics. "The course opened my mind to how politics are played at the international level", Gabriel added, acknowledging the profound impact of theoretical frameworks on shaping international policies and dynamics.


Aston campus



Gabriel Akinade MSc International Relations

Advice for future students

For Gabriel, Aston University embodied a nurturing environment conducive to academic exploration and personal development. "Coming to Aston University to study is one of the greatest decisions you can ever make", he asserted passionately. He extols the University's well-equipped facilities, spacious classrooms and, most importantly, its supportive academic community.

"You have the opportunity to meet people from different countries with different beliefs and opinions", Gabriel enthused, highlighting the transformative power of cultural exchange in broadening one's worldview. He credited Aston University's open-minded lecturers for fostering an intellectually vibrant atmosphere where diverse perspectives are valued and encouraged.