From the COVID-19 epicentre to Aston University

Being a doctor, who attended medical school in China, I got to see how COVID transitioned from an epidemic all the way to a pandemic.

The world saw the actual disparities and gaps within the healthcare systems, politics, race and gender within their respective countries.

One of things that fascinated me was the role of epidemiologists, public health workers, biostaticians, nurses and doctors who worked hand in hand to control and bring an end to the pandemic, which easily inspired me to choose Aston University to study the Master of Public Health course."


Jomon Philip Varughese - MPH




Master of Public Health student group photo

Plethora of opportunities

One of the many things I have learnt so far from MPH here at Aston University is that, when it comes to public health, it is not just the doctors or the hospital that plays a role but various other factors that can affect the health of the individual and subsequently the whole population.

It encourages me to broaden my thinking beyond the medical model of interventions. 

MPH opens a plethora of opportunities in various disciplines which enable me to pick a different pathway to the mainstream ways for doctors."


Respected and accepted

Aston University's reputation speaks for itself.

Being centric around research, Aston University emerges as a very futuristic university, where every voice is heard and where everyone’s opinions are respected and accepted, which fast-tracked my decision of picking Aston University for my master’s.

I am looking forward to a wonderful and intellectual journey."


Jomon Philip Varughese - MPH