We caught up with English Literature and Sociology student Alisha to gain a little insight into a typical day on campus...

8:00 am 

I start my day early in the morning, typically waking up between 8:00 am – 9:00 am to make sure that I have a good start to the day. I make myself a quick breakfast and then catch the bus into central Birmingham. 

9:30 am 

Once I have arrived, I make my way to the campus which is about a ten-minute walk from the city centre. I usually like to make a stop off at a local Sainsbury’s or Tesco, for snacks between lectures, as they are conveniently located close to campus. What I love about Birmingham is the diversity and cultural aspects of the city. It holds many positive vibes as there are a lot of activities to take part in and places to enjoy.

campus 1




11:00 am 

My first lecture of the day is a class from the module titled ‘Literature and Film’ - my favourite module so far, where we will be going over the gaze theory and cinematography techniques. This is a module from the Literature side of my joint honours degree where we get to watch films and analyse them through a literary lens. We learn about classic films and directors like Hitchcock, which are influential in shaping the way we view the world today.

12:00 pm

For energy I often grab some food from the places around campus or head down to Boston Tea Party, which is less than a five-minute walk away. I frequently get a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel with a strawberry milkshake. However, if this is not your cup of tea they have many other foods - my friend likes to order a beef burger with fries. This is just one option out of the many restaurants and food places to choose from within the city, you will never run out of choices.



13:00 pm

Sometimes, in the afternoons I book appointments with my tutors and lecturers. You can also book meetings with the different services that the university provides e.g., consultations with the Careers and Placements team. I have discussed future career options, benefitted from CV assistance, and had mock interviews.

What’s great is how welcoming and supportive the staff at Aston are, whether you need some advice, discussions about your course content, or support with your assignments, they will do their best to help you.

14:00 pm

I then study for a few hours with some friends in the library or head over to the main building student study spaces. When I have group work to do, usually for my ‘Advanced Research Methods’ module, I book a group study room so that we can work on the project together in a private space. This helps us to focus and achieve maximum productivity before our fast-approaching deadlines. We also like to take a walk around the campus for some fresh air, we are lucky to have such a beautiful university with green open spaces.

alisha kumari




16:00 pm

At this time of day, I have a sociology seminar for the module ‘CSI: Crime, Subversion and Injustice’ where we learn about the likes of crimes of the powerful and interpersonal violence. What I love about my modules within both subjects is that when it comes to assignments and essay writing you can often write about very niche topics regarding your areas of interest. I love the gothic genre, the uncanny and romantic poetry so I choose to write 19th century poetry and prose, including Frankenstein, Jane Eyre and works by John Keats.


Once classes are over for the day, I like to spend some social time at the Students’ Union which is a friendly and vibrant place to chill out. There are many societies, events, and activities you can get involved in here, as well as make lots of new friends - I am part of Aston Society of Poetry. This is great as you can go to listen about poetry or even write your own. In the SU you can take also take preparatory notes for the next day of lectures – the Library of Birmingham is great for this too and is located a fifteen-minute walk away from campus.



19:00 pm

Before I head back home, I like to get some dinner with my friends somewhere in the city like Nando’s or Gourmet Burger Kitchen which are a few of our favourite spots. There are so many bars, restaurants, and cinemas for you to try – I recently watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which was incredible!
After this, I make a stop off at a few shops like Cass Art – a brilliant art shop on the way to my bus stop. I love to read so Waterstones and Foyles are also my go-to places when wanting to explore the most beautiful fiction.

20:00 - 22:00 pm 

Once I am back home, I like to unwind by watching some Netflix or reading a novel – I am currently reading The Great Gatsby. I also enjoy creating artwork and drawing which helps me be creative and relax before I sleep.