Alexander Lamle MA IRGG graduate

Choosing Aston University

Alexander Lamle’s journey to Aston University for his MA in International Relations and Global Governance was marked by careful consideration and recommendations. "Aston [University]'s politics department came as a recommendation from a friend of mine," he explained.

With a BA in War and Security Studies from the University of Hull, Alexander sought a university that provided both quality education and value for money while working in Birmingham. He found this balance at Aston University, where the course fees were "significantly less for a similar reputation" compared to other institutions. This blend of affordability and academic prestige made Aston University the ideal choice for his further studies.

The flexibility of Aston University's programme was a crucial factor for Alexander, especially as a part-time student. "The flexibility that Aston [University] afforded was the most valuable aspect," he states, appreciating the online accessibility of lectures and course materials. This flexibility enabled him to manage his professional commitments alongside his studies effectively.

The highlight of his course was the innovative EuroSim module, which he found "completely innovative, interesting and engaging." His achievement in winning the 'best debater' award at an international competition further demonstrated the practical application and effectiveness of Aston University's teaching.


Outside of the classroom

Despite the demands of part-time study, Alexander engaged in Aston University’s extracurricular life. He joined the LGBT+ society, forming significant connections.

His participation in the EuroSim international competition, where he won 'best debater' for Aston University against international competitors, was a proud moment. He recalls, "I was able to attend the Eurosim international competition where I won 'best debater' for Aston University against 100 other international students."

This experience not only highlights his debating skills but also the opportunities offered by the University to engage in enriching activities beyond the classroom.

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Alexander Lamle MA IRGG graduate

Advice for future students

Alexander heartily recommends Aston University’s MA in International Relations and Global Governance to prospective students. "I would say absolutely go for it," he advises.

He praises the course for its engaging modules and innovative teaching, emphasising the financial feasibility of the programme being entirely covered by a postgraduate loan

Alexander concludes: "Aston [University] is a very good moden, flexible university with lots of options, for full-time and part-time students alike".