Our negotiation skills module, recognised for its innovative approach to teaching politics, immerses students in simulated international negotiations within contexts such as the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN) and World Trade Organisation (WTO). Through these simulations, students develop vital skills in articulating arguments, persuasion and resolving differences, preparing them for real-world scenarios and enhancing their employability. 

The top-performing students in this module have the opportunity to participate in the annual international EuroSim event, where they can engage with international perspectives and network with peers from across Europe and the USA.

What is EuroSim?

EuroSim is an annual intercollegiate simulation of the European Union (EU), designed to provide a platform for the partial simulation of major EU issues. Over two hundred students from universities in North America and Europe take part in the simulation, assuming roles such as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), members of the European Commission, heads of government and national ministers.

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EuroSim 2024 (SUNY Brockport, Brockport, New York)

Aston EuroSim 2024 team

Academic year2023/24
Dates of event12 to 15 April 2024
HostState University of New York (SUNY) Brockport
LocationBrockport, New York, USA
Topic of EuroSimAI Regulation in the EU

The Aston University team brought back two awards: 'university with the highest average vote' and 'most valuable contribution from a journalist'. Our students reflected on their experiences by each writing a blog.

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 Hear from some of our students...

Muqeet QaiserMuqeet Qaiser, EuroSim 2024

The Eurosim module is the most unique modules I have ever taken. Being able to participate in debates have been crucial in developing communication and other various skills. The equal division between the theory and the practical assignments is also advantageous as you are able to use your strongest skills to develop the weaker ones. Furthermore, the module requires and develops a diverse range of skills from written to spoken. The module was an enjoyable experience and there is something for all types of students. The module is also fun as the debates can be competitive and forming coalitions is an enjoyable experience where planning is crucial in order to get the most desirable outcome. In addition, being able to simulate organisations such as the United Nations and the European Union Security Council were great for immersion and setting the stage for the debates especially on key issues the organisations themselves have debated on."

Eman M.

Eman M., EuroSim 2024

Eurosim was an amazing experience that merged the practical and theoretical research expertise needed in political science. I enjoyed learning about the negotiation process and the simulation stimuli we were given. Researching these stimuli not only helped widen my own global perspective but encouraged me to engage in the role of I was given for each debate. Being able to interact with different people throughout these session made it rewarding, I ended becoming friends with some of those I worked with. I would recommend this course to anyone who struggles with public speaking and balancing their degree as the revision and exam period teaches you to critically divide your time accordingly.
Eurosim has been an eye-opening course in exploring diplomatic negotiations. Whether the stimulus was war and peace, climate change or poverty; the knowledge of standing affirmative in our research and decision-making was challenging. Every conclusion reached impacted the populations we represented for better or worse. I’ve really enjoyed how it has helped shaped my understanding of European and global politics and I look forward to participating in New York!"

James Humphris

James Humphris, EuroSim 2024

The EuroSim module has been one of the most interactive modules I have taken during my time at Aston University. It has not only made me more confident with public speaking but has also provided insight as to how decisions are made in various international organisations. The module has also allowed me to develop countless interpersonal skills that I may call upon during my time in future graduate employment."

Ashley Keenan

Ashley Keenan, EuroSim 2024

EuroSim was a unique and engaging module that really helped me to build on my confidence and public speaking abilities. It presented challenges that were entirely new to me, leading to personal and academic growth beyond my prior experiences."

Fred Henry White

Frederick Henry-White, EuroSim 2024

Taking this module was one of the best decisions I have made in my time at Aston University. The skills you develop and the content you learn are not found in other, more traditional, modules and I have found them a valuable asset for the future. My public speaking, research and writing abilities have all improved greatly. The unique assessments that you undertake in this module are engaging and enjoyable to do with a UNSC simulation and an EU one giving you a breadth of areas to investigate and learn about. The ability to go to an international simulation is also a great opportunity, both personally and professionally, that I am looking forward to undertaking."

EuroSim 2023 (Newport, Wales)


Academic year2022/23
Dates of event4 to 7 January 2023
HostUniversity of South Wales
LocationInternational Convention Centre Wales, Newport, Wales
Topic of EuroSimEU Energy Security and EU Social Climate Fund

The Aston University team brought back two awards - one for best performance in the European Parliament Committee for Employment and one in special roles (media/journalism).

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Alexander Lamle, EuroSim 2023

I’m a part-time masters student, so I had to wait for a year before I could start EuroSim and I’m so glad I did - I had high expectations, but I was not prepared for just how impressive a module it is. It’s a lot of work and often delves deeply into UN and EU Issues, but I’m so glad I did it - it uses a non-standard assessment format that is unique and innovative, giving you skills and experiences that are impossible to get through almost any other module, and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about a career in politics, diplomacy or policy."


Reynolds Kwesi Brew Sam, EuroSim 2023

The feeling of playing real life roles in a simulated environment puts you in a position to appreciate the kind of future you look forward to having."


Ashvini Jayanthan, EuroSim 2023

The Eurosim module, although academically challenging and quite demanding, has been an insightful experience and has brought a friendly-competitive side out of me. I chose this module to boost my public speaking and negotiating skills and that is exactly what it has helped me with, building relationships with other representatives and preparing for a simulation negotiation has been fun."


Kinga Gorska, EuroSim 2023

I think EuroSim is one of those modules that instantly helps you develop new skills. It puts you in the spotlight, which may be extremely uncomfortable but I think it gives you a great opportunity to learn how to deal with pressure. Even though there is a lot of work and preparation to do during this module, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking forward to gaining useful employability skills."


Thomas Fenton, EuroSim 2023

The Eurosim module was quite unlike any I have taken while at Aston University. It set us the unique and exciting challenge of negotiating with fellow classmates in order to find common ground during real-time debates. As well as being thoroughly enjoyable, the module provides students with highly valuable skills that can be applied in the world of work - no matter the profession."


Greg Sharp, EuroSim 2023

Eurosim is a unique module and a challenging one. It's great for developing practical skills you can use in your career and you will not only learn the course content but also learn some things about yourself."


Ayu Jaba, EuroSim 2023

EuroSim helped me to improve my confidence and public speaking skills. Definitely a great module for my future self."


Luke Marlow, EuroSim 2023

EuroSim is the module we all wish we could do throughout our studies. The graded debates are tough but very rewarding. The module utilises many applicable skills, including research, communication and teamwork."


Amin Hassan, EuroSim 2023

Yes it’s a politics simulation, but at times it can can get intense and almost feel like the real thing! Building skills such as relationship-building, active listening and argumentation in a safe environment has helped me so much."

EuroSim 2022 (Trier University, Trier, Germany)

Virtual EuroSim 2022

Academic year2021/22
Dates of event3 to 5 January 2022
HostTrier University, Germany
Topic of EuroSimForeign subsidies in the internal market

This simulation was hosted by Trier University in Germany using gather.town software. The Aston University team showed an amazing team spirit and secured third spot overall and second place within the Competitiveness Council.

 Hear from some of our students...

Gemma Dilkes

Gemma Dilkes, EuroSim 2022

I think EuroSim is a great module for stepping out of your comfort zone both academically and personally. I’ve enjoyed getting to work with the other students on the module and I think we’ve all discovered skills we never knew we had."

Joe Park

Joseph Park, EuroSim 2022

EuroSim provides a unique way of learning that I have found to be fun and engaging. This module has helped me to develop my public speaking skills which is something that will be very useful in when looking for jobs in the future. If you have the possibility to take this module, I highly recommend you do so."

Thomas Meenan

Thomas Meenan, EuroSim 2022

EuroSim is fun, interesting and a great module for building transferable skills."

Jacob Ayenamayi

Jacob Ayenamayi, EuroSim 2022

Eurosim was easily my most enjoyable module during my time at university – I love the interactive element and the fact that it provides you with a real challenge; the module pushes you out of your comfort zone, but it’s a great way to try something different during your degree!"

EuroSim 2021 (Niagara University, Niagara Falls, New York)

EuroSim 2021

Academic year2020/21
Dates of event25 to 27 March 2021
HostNiagara University, New York
Topic of EuroSimTurkey accession/Dublin IV regulation

The Aston University team secured second best team, first place for LIBE II, and second place in the floating roles.

 Hear from some of our students...

Stefan Solanki

Stefan Solanki, EuroSim 2021

EuroSim is a fantastic, engaging, and interactive module that helps you develop a whole host of transferable professional and academic competencies to set you up for life."

Victoria Rogers

Victoria Rogers, EuroSim 2021

EuroSim has been a great way to develop my research and communication skills in a fun and engaging way whilst working in a great team!"

EuroSim 2020 (University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium)

2020 Eurosim

Academic year2019/20
Dates of event6 to 9 January 2020
HostUniversity of Antwerp
LocationUniversity of Antwerp, Belgium
Topic of EuroSimEU restrictive measures (sanctions policies)
EuroSim 2019 (Saint John Fisher College, Rochester, New York)

2019 EuroSim

Academic year2018/19
Dates of event28 to 31 March 2019
HostSaint John Fisher College
LocationRochester, New York, USA
Topic of EuroSimEU budget (The Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-27)

Hear from some of our students...

Lena Girard

Lena Girard, EuroSim 2019

EuroSim is the most challenging module I have taken during my university degree, both undergraduate and postgraduate studies combined. As an international student, it helped me improve my confidence debating in English through exercising public speaking aptitudes."

Charlie Brewer

Charlie Brewer, EuroSim 2019

The unique nature of the module and the ability to put learning into practice with other students at an organised event is ground breaking. EuroSim provides students with skills that can't be easily learnt through conventional methods of university lecturing such as active listening, diplomacy and thinking on your feet in pressurised situations."

EuroSim 2018 (University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium)

2018 Brussels EuroSim

Academic year2017/18
Dates of event4 to 7 January 2018
HostVrije Universiteit Brussel
LocationBrussels, Belgium
Topic of EuroSimEU border management / visa policy
EuroSim 2017 (SUNY Brockport, Brockport, New York)
EuroSim 2017
Academic year2016/17
Dates of event30 March to 2 April 2017
HostState University of New York (SUNY) Brockport
LocationBrockport, New York, USA
Topic of EuroSimEnergy Union

The 30th edition of EuroSim took place in 2017, hosted at SUNY Brockport, where EuroSim first began in 1988.

Hear from some of our students...

Jake Dunstan

Jake Dunstan, EuroSim 2017

EuroSim is fantastic. It offers an alternative way to learn, a challenging and interactive module that develops negotiation skills. The module content addresses relevant European Union issues that influence our everyday lives. I have had tremendous support and feedback from the course leaders to continuously better myself and achieve my personal targets."

Dr Patrycja Rozbicka

Dr Patrycja Rozbicka

Module leader, Negotiation Skills: EuroSim and Model UN

EuroSim is not only about simulations of real decision-making but also about experiencing firsthand the places and people involved in those decisions."

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Victoria Rogers

Victoria Rogers

Part of Aston University's EuroSim 2021 team

Studied: BSc (Hons) Economics and Politics

Now working as: Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn

EuroSim has been a great way to develop my research and communication skills in a fun and engaging way whilst working in a great team!"

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Navin Mal

Navin Mal

Part of Aston University's EuroSim 2020 team

Studied: BSc (Hons) Economics and Politics

Now working as: Head of Hydrogen and Industrial Carbon Capture, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

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