Aston EuroSim

 An annual international intercollegiate simulation of the European Union

What is EuroSim?

EuroSim is an annual international intercollegiate simulation of the European Union (EU). The purpose of EuroSim is to provide a framework for a partial simulation of a major EU issue. More than two hundred students, from universities in North America and Europe, participate in the simulation. All students are assigned roles, including Members of the European Parliament, members of the European Commission, heads of government, and national ministers. 

Here at Aston University, the EuroSim module is one of the most innovative modules of the Aston Politics and International relations department’s undergraduate and MA programmes. EuroSim is offered as a module for any undergraduate and postgraduate student that studies either Politics or International Relations as part of their degree. This module gained formal recognition from the Political Studies Association, who awarded the module the prestigious PSA Award for Innovation in Teaching Politics (2018). 

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Listen to module leader Dr. Patrycja Rozbicka explain the EuroSim module and how it can benefit you.

What is EuroSim for?

The purpose of this module is to educate students about the inner-workings of the European Union in order to enhance the learning experience for students. EuroSim provides a great experience of how to use politics in a real-world setting.

Active involvement in this module enhances students' oral communication skills through debate, negotiation and compromise with other students. It will expose students to politics and cultures from all over the world and boosts their research skills. 

Finally the module provides links to a broader consortium of 26 (and growing) universities across Europe and the United States, this module provides students with the opportunity to travel internationally and network with students from across Europe and the United States of America. 

Hear more about what our students have to say...

Gemma Dilkes, Virtual EuroSim 2022
Gemma Dilkes

I think EuroSim is a great module for stepping out of your comfort zone both academically and personally. I’ve enjoyed getting to work with the other students on the module and I think we’ve all discovered skills we never knew we had."

Gemma Dilkes, Virtual EuroSim 2022

Joseph Park, Virtual EuroSim 2022
Joe Park

EuroSim provides a unique way of learning that I have found to be fun and engaging. This module has helped me to develop my public speaking skills which is something that will be very useful in when looking for jobs in the future. If you have the possibility to take this module, I highly recommend you do so."

Joseph Park, Virtual EuroSim 2022

Thomas Meenan, Virtual EuroSim 2022
Thomas Meenan

EuroSim is fun, interesting and a great module for building transferable skills."

Thomas Meenan, Virtual EuroSim 2022

Jacob Ayenamayi, Virtual EuroSim 2022
Jacob Ayenamayi

Eurosim was easily my most enjoyable module during my time at university – I love the interactive element and the fact that it provides you with a real challenge; the module pushes you out of your comfort zone, but it’s a great way to try something different during your degree!"

Jacob Ayenamayi, Virtual EuroSim 2022

Stefan Solanki, Virtual EuroSim 2021
Stefan Solanki

EuroSim is a fantastic, engaging, and interactive module that helps you develop a whole host of transferable professional and academic competencies to set you up for life."

Stefan Solanki, Virtual EuroSim 2021

Victoria Rogers, Virtual EuroSim 2021
Victoria Rogers

EuroSim has been a great way to develop my research and communication skills in a fun and engaging way whilst working in a great team!"

Victoria Rogers, Virtual EuroSim 2021

Lena Girard, EuroSim Rochester 2019
Lena Girard

Eurosim is the most challenging module I have taken during my university degree, both undergraduate and postgraduate studies combined. As an international student, it helped me improve my confidence debating in English through exercising public speaking aptitudes."

Lena Girard, EuroSim Rochester 2019

Charlie Brewer, EuroSim Rochester 2019
Charlie Brewer

The unique nature of the module and the ability to put learning into practice with other students at an organised event is ground breaking. Eurosim provides students with skills that can't be easily learnt through conventional methods of university lecturing such as active listening, diplomacy and thinking on your feet in pressurised situations."

Charlie Brewer, EuroSim Rochester 2019

Jake Dunstan, EuroSim Brockport 2017
Jake Dunstan

EuroSim is fantastic. It offers an alternative way to learn, a challenging and interactive module that develops negotiation skills. The module content addresses relevant European Union issues that influence our everyday lives. I have had tremendous support and feedback from the course leaders to continuously better myself and achieve my personal targets."

Jake Dunstan, EuroSim Brockport 2017

Discover past EuroSims

Since 2017, the Aston EuroSim module has participated in the following conferences: 

2017: The College at Brockport, Brockport, New York

EuroSim 2017

For the 2017 EuroSim more than 145 students from the United States and Europe convened on the Brockport campus for the 30th annual European Union Simulation — right where it all began.


2018: University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

2018 Brussels EuroSim

2018 EuroSim was hosted by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Brussels, Belgium. 150 particiants from 15 universities dealt with the topic of EU Border Management.


2019: Saint John Fisher College, Rochester, NY

2019 EuroSim

2019 EuroSim on "The Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-27" was hosted by the St. John Fisher College in Rochester, USA, where 200 participants from more than 20 universities from all over the world met this year.


2020: University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

2020 Eurosim

During the academic year 2019-2020, the EuroSim simulation was organised at the University of Antwerpen. The simulation took place January 6-9, 2020 on the topic of EU external relations, more specifically EU restrictive measures (sanctions policies). 


2021: Niagara University, Niagara Falls, NY

2021 EuroSim

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 EursoSim was hosted by Niagra University, but unfortunately it was a virtual event. However, this didn't stop the Aston team as they secured 2nd best team, 1st place for LIBE II, and 2nd place in the floating roles. 


2022: Trier University, Germany

2022 EuroSim

Following the Covid restrictions, the 2022 EuroSim again took place online. The simulation was hosted by Tier University in Germany and we used software. The Aston Team showed an amazing team spirit and secured 3rd spot overall and 2nd place within the Competitivenesss Council.  


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