Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

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Our Mission

Equality, diversity and inclusivity is valued within the College of Business and Social Sciences. Much like our multidisciplinary teaching and research, we believe that the diversity of our community, especially our students is one of our key strengths. Diversity fuels innovative work and creativity, something that is of paramount importance in the fields of business and social sciences, and as a College, we are committed to implementing more efficient, informed, and focused change to ensure equality for all.

Our Committee

The College of Business and Social Sciences has an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee comprising a diverse range of academic staff, professional services staff and current students from across the College. The committee meets multiple times a year, and is the body which:

  • Analyses and recommends actions to all issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within the College.
  • Has responsibility for monitoring the preparation, modification and implementation of the Athena SWAN action plans for Aston Business School (ABS), Aston Law School (ALS) and the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), and the College’s diversity and inclusion strategy as part of the wider University EDI actions.
  • Advises the Senior Management Committee (SMC) on the development and implementation of equality, diversity, and inclusion policies and initiatives within the College and its constituent Schools.
  • Reviews relevant data to support such advice, leads initiatives at local level and, through permanent membership of the EDI chair in the SMC, monitors that College policies are in line with the College EDI objectives.
  • Feeds into and supports the College and its constituent Schools in relevant accreditation processes.
Committee members

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead (Chair)

Currently Vacant

Associate Dean, Accreditations 

Professor Helen Higson - helen.higson@aston.ac.uk

Athena SWAN Representative for SSH (Co-Deputy Chair)

Aurelia Robert - a.robert@aston.ac.uk

Athena SWAN Representative for ABS (Co-Deputy Chair)

Eleanor Musson - e.musson@aston.ac.uk

Athena SWAN Representative for Law (Co-Deputy Chair)

Dr Lauren Traczykowski l.traczykowski@aston.ac.uk (NB Lauren will be on leave February- August 2023)

Dr Hannah Bartlett - h.e.bartlett@aston.ac.uk (acting Law representative from 1st February to 2nd August 2023)

Representative Professional Services Staff

Stephen Belt - s.belt@aston.ac.uk

Gene Lock - g.lock@aston.ac.uk

Faye Oliver - f.oliver2@aston.ac.uk

Samantha Russell - s.russell1@aston.ac.uk

Jenny Thompson - j.l.thompson@aston.ac.uk

Dan Thomson - d.thomson1@aston.ac.uk

Andrew Wilson - a.r.wilson@aston.ac.uk

Representative Accounting

Dr Carlene Wynterc.wynter@aston.ac.uk

Representative Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship

Adam Thompson a.thompson7@aston.ac.uk

Representative English

Dr Muna Morris-Adams - m.m.adams@aston.ac.uk

Representative Degree Apprenticeships

Dr Jesvir Mahil - j.mahil@aston.ac.uk

Representative History, Languages and Translation

Dr Emmanuelle Labeau - e.labeau@aston.ac.uk

Representative Law

Dr Joy Malala - j.malala@aston.ac.uk

Representative Marketing and Strategy

Dr Anna Ackfeldt - a.ackfeldt@aston.ac.uk

Representative Operations and Information Management

Dr Oscar Rodriquez-Espindola - o.rodriguez-espindola@aston.ac.uk

Representative Politics and International Relations

Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick - d.fitzpatrick3@aston.ac.uk

Representative Sociology and Policy

Dr Killian Mullan k.mullan@aston.ac.uk

Dr Katy Pilcher - k.pilcher@aston.ac.uk

Representative Work and Organisation

Dr Elina Meliou - e.meliou@aston.ac.uk

Representative Students

Balraj Purewal - union.vpsa@aston.ac.uk

Natascha Rohde - 180176838@aston.ac.uk

Virtual events

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