What course did you study?

What year did you graduate?

Aston appealed to me as I have always been interested in law in the business setting. I also wanted to pursue a career in commercial/corporate law so I knew that this would create more opportunities.

Charlotte Boon picture at graduation


Why did you choose to study Law at Aston?

I chose to study law at Aston as I have always been interested in the commercial side of Law after briefly covering it in my GCSE business studies, therefore with Aston being a business school I knew that the modules would be more focused on the business side. Also, with Law being so competitive, I knew that taking a placement as part of my degree would allow me to stand out alongside other candidates after my degree.

What was your biggest achievement whilst studying at Aston?

My biggest achievement at Aston, other than securing a placement at Ansons Solicitors, was getting involved with other opportunities that Aston had to offer. For example, throughout my second year, I was an English GCSE tutor in a high school in Birmingham. Not only was that a part-time job for me, but it also allowed me to gain experience helping and working with others whilst improving on my own skills which benefitted me in future roles.

Where did you do your placement year?

My placement was at Ansons Solicitors, which specialises in several different sectors and I gained experience in each of these.

What did you gain from your placement year?

I gained a lot from my placement year. I grew as a person whilst also learning how to apply my knowledge to real life situations. The experience helped me to develop and strengthen my skills which helped me when I was applying for roles after my degree. I am now a Trainee Solicitor at Ansons Solicitors where I did my placement!