The 2023 Final Year Stowe Family Law Prize Winner Announced

Congratulations to Reanna Sandhu, the winner of the final year 2023 Stowe Family Law prize. Reanna is the highest performing final year student in Aston Law School’s Family Law module.

In recognition of Reanna's outstanding performance, she has been offered a cash prize of £100 from Stowe Family Law. 

Read Reanna's interview below to find out about her interest in family law:

stowe family prize


What sparked your interest in family law? 

I became interested in Family Law as it is an area that I can relate to, either through personal experiences or through the experiences of others. I recall when I was applying to universities to study Law, the case of Tini Owens was very topical. Such cases sparked my interest to study Family Law because it is an area that constantly develops to respond to our changing society, either through case law or the introduction of legislation. 

What do you like most about family law?

I liked how varied and dynamic Family Law cases were and the memorable nature of the module because it reflected the complexity of family life. Family Law was rarely dull, especially when some areas attract debate and public interest. I also enjoyed the challenges the multifaceted module presented as slight changes in the facts of cases would change the outcome for individuals. 

In particular, I enjoyed studying the topic, Formation and Breakdown of Marriages. I found it interesting learning about the factors that led to the new Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2022 which made amendments to the criticised Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. 

Do you think your interest in family law will remain now you have graduated?

I will keep up-to-date with the developments in Family Law, especially aspects that I learned about while studying the module, such as No-Fault Divorce. However, from various work experiences and studying Commercial Law in my second year, I am hoping to secure a training contract at a commercial law firm. 

What other areas of law interest you? 

I favour Commercial Law because of the strong business focus. I found topics such as arbitration and contractual estoppel interesting. I also studied Medical Law in my second year, I enjoyed learning about changes in legislation concerning topics such as abortion. However, while I do not want to pursue Medical Law as a career, I enjoyed the need to have a wide awareness to succeed in the module and my project on IVF.

Visiting Professional Fellow 

Aston Law School is pleased to announce that for the upcoming academic year, Rebecca Calden-Storr, Managing Partner at Stowe Family Law’s Birmingham office, has been appointed as a Visiting Professional Fellow in Aston Law School. She will be associated with the Family Law module and our Professional Mentoring Programme.