The 2021 Second Year Stowe Family Law Prize Winner's Announced 

Congratulations to Fathima Samsudeen and Amy Travis, who are the joint winners of the second year 2021 Stowe Family Law prize. Fathima and Amy are the joint highest performing second year students in Aston Law School’s Family Law module.

In recognition of their outstanding performance, they have been offered work experience at Stowe's new office in Birmingham.

Angela Stanhope, the leader of the family law module, adds her congratulations to both Fathima and Amy.  She states “They both submitted assessments that showed they had applied themselves to their studies during this difficult year.  Their ability to self-motivate and strive to do their best is evident in their results.  I am extremely pleased that their dedication and hard work has been recognised by Stowe.”

“It’s a pleasure to award Fathima & Amy the Stowe Family Law Prize. Their exceptional accomplishment as joint-highest performing second year students is an achievement to be very proud of. Well done on behalf of everyone at Stowe Family Law!” - Rebecca Calden-Storr, Managing Partner at Stowe Family Law.


Fathima Samsudeen Stowe Family Law 2nd Year Winner

Read Fathima’s interview below to find out about her interest in family law:

What sparked your interest in family law?

Family Law addresses personal issues which we can often relate to in our own lives, whether directly or through the experience of others.

What do you like most about family law?

I enjoy the fact that it is dynamic area of law and that there are infinite variations in family situations. The problems which are raised in the courts are usually controversial, attracting a substantial body of case law and policy debate.

What did you excel in or do best in, on the family law module?

The topic I exceled in was the formation and breakdown of marriages and civil partnerships. In particular, I liked working on the how the ground for divorce can be evidenced in different cases.

Are there any other areas of law that interest you?

I find Commercial Law particularly interesting and I am looking forward to hopefully finding a career in it one day.



Read Amy’s interview below to find out about her interest in family law:

What sparked your interest in family law?

I was particularly interested in the law surrounding divorce and I found the variety of and contrast between the cases along with the 'real life' nature of the course very attractive and enjoyable. Additionally, one of my main reasons for choosing to do a law degree was to facilitate a career in family law.

Are there any other areas of law that interest you?

I thoroughly enjoyed studying Commercial law during my second year.

Is there anything you are passionate about changing in family law? 

I am very passionate about the introduction of a no-fault divorce, which does not exist in current legislation.


Amy Travis Aston Law School student

Visiting Professional Fellow

Aston Law School is pleased to announce that for the upcoming academic year, Rebecca Calden-Storr, Managing Partner at Stowe Family Law’s Birmingham office, has been appointed as a Visiting Professional Fellow in Aston Law School. She will be associated with the Family Law module and our Professional Mentoring Programme.