Aston University student secures graduate role after placement

BSc (Hons) Economics graduate, Morgan Ansell, completed her placement year with Oxford Economics and went on to secure a graduate role with them as an Assistant Economist.

Read about Morgan's experience below.


Morgan Ansell




Why did you choose to study at Aston University?

"I chose Aston as a placement year was super important to me and, despite not getting the A-Levels I wanted, I thought it was an environment in which I could make myself the most employable after my degree."

Why did you choose to study Economics?

"I chose Economics because I have always loved maths based, logical subjects and loved the real world application of it all. What started off as a wildcard A-Level choice became a real passion."

What did you enjoy most about your course?

"I enjoyed the focus on real world application the best. From lecturers who had such passion and had examples coming out of their ears, to hands on coding modules where we were taught invaluable skills in R. I would say this real world application and coding experience is one of the things that got me my graduate role at the end. As much as economics is a field that requires you to know a lot of theory, applying it is what is most likely to be needed in a graduate role at the end."


Did you do any extracurricular activities? Did you join any clubs?

"I used to be the President of Aston Boxing Club and this is part of my university experience that I really enjoyed. I boxed from the age of 12-20 and in my time represented England seven times as well as winning four national titles. I am still very much involved with boxing now but enjoy it from more of a coaching/spectating perspective, but still punch a bag from time to time! Boxing is a sport that really changed my life for the better and I would recommend it to anyone, it's a type of fitness that not many sports can give you. But more than that the boxing community is so supportive and through boxing I have made friends for life."






Did you complete a placement? 

"I completed my placement year from 2021-2022 at Oxford Economics on the Scenarios and Macro Modelling team. I was given my own responsibilities straight away which is what I enjoyed most about my placement."

"It allowed me to apply economics everyday in a real world setting which I believe really benefited my understanding and helped with my final year. When applying for graduate roles my industrial experience really strengthened my application, and I would highly recommend a placement year to any undergraduate student!"


What would you say to any student thinking of studying your course at Aston University?

"I would say go for it! I think economics is one of those subjects which allows you to understand the world around you so much more. I also would say the lecturers at Aston are what makes the course so good. They are so enthusiastic and really make the learning enjoyable. Again - the opportunity to do a placement makes studying economics at Aston such a great course to pursue."