Gareth Booth

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Gareth Booth, who joined Aston in 2003 and studied management and leadership, shares his graduate story

Aston University graduate starts his own business 

After I left Aston University, I went into the corporate world. I joined BT as a graduate and then spent twelve years in various roles.

About three and a half years ago I created Holy Moly Dips - initially as a side hustle. Like all good things, Holy Moly Dips started out as a drunken conversation between two mates down the pub. We got into a debate about what makes good guacamole and why you can’t buy as good as homemade in the supermarket.

Three weeks later we were in Mexico working with a family-owned avocado orchid to try and create something that was totally different and tasted as good as homemade but available on mass in supermarkets up and down the country. You can now find our products in places like Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Tesco. We are very proud that this year we sold our two millionth pot and we’ll double that again this year.








What were the benefits of studying at Aston University?

A degree from Aston Business School gives people the fundamental skills that they will require to go into any line of work whether that’s in the corporate world, the entrepreneurial world, or the creative world.

As an employer now, if I see a CV with Aston University on it then I know they’re going to have a lot of skills and experience and the baseline foundation needed. I looked at many universities all over the country that are spread out but at Aston University, it felt tight-knit and like a community. It felt like it wouldn’t be too difficult to adjust to life at Aston University and you’ve got Birmingham right on your doorstep.


Advice for future students 

My advice to anyone thinking of going to Aston Business School would be to do it. For me, it has allowed me to embrace everything I wanted out of the student experience. I had the best time of my life at Aston University because it is set up to provide fantastic academic experiences and has links with businesses and the corporate world. It’s well respected so I knew that employers would respect me as a graduate. It’s a fantastic place to go and it will set you up for life.




Gareth commented: 

I had the best time of my life at Aston University.

It’s a fantastic place to go and it will set you up for life.