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Chloe Lansbury, BSc (Hons) Marketing graduate speaks about her journey at Gymshark. 



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Aston University graduate lands job at Gymshark

Chloe studied BSc (Hons) Marketing at Aston University and then went on to work at Gymshark as a social media executive. 

Why did you choose Aston University?

I studied Marketing BSc at Aston University. The main reason I chose to study at Aston University was because it was so local. I had a bit of a strange route into university, I completely changed my course and I really wanted to choose somewhere that had a placement year. I chose Aston because of that; it was one of the only universities that I could see that had a really good course in terms of a business mindset but homing in on marketing with a placement year too.
Aston University campus is stunning, it’s so nice with all the green space, you’re five minutes from the city and it was so easy to get there. I lived at home, twenty minutes and I was there.


What did you enjoy most about your course?

The thing I enjoyed most about my marketing course at Aston University has to be the placement year because of my experience at Gymshark, I ended up at such a cool company. The amount that I learnt was just crazy, and being able to take all those lessons from the real world back to Aston changed my university experience massively. I had much more of a goal-driven mindset, I knew I wanted to get back to Gymshark after graduating.


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How did you find your placement year?

When I was at Aston, probably around my second year, I saw a person I recognised who worked at Gymshark.
Through that person, I managed to get work experience one day a week at the company which was great. I definitely made the right decision, there were crazy opportunities in my placement year. I got sent to LA for an International Women’s Day campaign, which was incredible.


How did your placement experience prepare you for your current role?

My placement year at Gymshark in between studying at Aston University led to what is now a full-time career at Gymshark working as a social media executive. I work at Gymshark doing a range of different tasks, from scheduling content to capturing our own content with the athletes. I also work on campaigns and project management for the social team across all channels.





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What are your career ambitions for the future?

Thinking about where I see myself in five to ten years, I want to be able to go down the management side of things. I love social and being able to share is something that I enjoy. I really want to be able to help others in the industry, especially women in business.


Advice for future students 

If you have any reservations about studying at Aston University one hundred percent throw them out, as Aston is a great place to study. The placement year helps you to put knowledge into perspective, and then when you graduate you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. You will be a step ahead of everybody else, you have got that experience, you are ready, and you are rearing to go.

Chloe commented

The lecturers were great, so much support, giving you knowledge of their days working in business. I’d definitely recommend Aston University. 



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