Why I chose Finance at Aston University

I knew that the opportunities arising from having a degree in such a field, would be endless. I did not want to choose a career path where the outcome of studying for 4 years, would have already been decided the moment I completed my application form.

What drew me to this degree was the unknown, as well as the seemingly limitless opportunities, and my belief that what I was going to study, was going to be useful to me not only during my time at university, but well beyond that as well.

Aston [University] stood out to me after attending an open day event where the atmosphere on the campus was simply amazing. I loved the library, the Students' Union building and the overall natural feel of the campus.

However what actually convinced me that Aston University was the right place for me, was the admissions team's support, guidance and willingness to accommodate some last minute changes in my application. Seeing how quick they were to respond and how helpful and cooperative they were, really showed me that this was a place that I wanted to join."



Finance student Ana Pascal



Students learning in lecture theatre

What I enjoy most about my course

It is very practical, in the sense that I feel like I am learning so much about elements that affect our world on a day to day basis. I have never felt that this course is teaching us information that we won't need. From the way different macroeconomic factors impact the economy, the different reasons that have led to financial crises in the past, and ways to prevent them today, to market-based trading strategies and accounting techniques to improve one's financial planning and budgetary control; all proved to be extremely useful in building a balanced understanding on the different fields of finance.

I believe that the diverse range of subjects we are covering has been extremely beneficial in determining the types of careers that might be suitable for me after graduating.

The high-quality teaching is also something that I really appreciate about this degree, and I think this might come from the fact that many of my lecturers provide guidance, not only from an academic standpoint, but from the perspective of someone who has worked in the industry as well. This makes it considerably easier to come across references to the real-life contexts of the theoretical concepts I am being taught, facilitating my overall understanding of the topics."

Earning alongside learning

I have been a part of the Student Ambassador scheme since my first year at university, and it is truly an opportunity that enhances your overall student experience.

The scheme is a great way to get to meet other students from completely different degree paths to yours, step outside of your comfort zone and develop many of your soft skills, all while adding incredibly valuable experiences to your CV, which is going to prove to be extremely helpful when later applying for placements and, I imagine, for graduate jobs as well."

Student ambassadors



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My placement experience

My placement year is undoubtedly the highlight of my degree so far.

I only started 2 months ago, but I already feel like I have been provided with so many real responsibilities and I am just amazed at how much I am learning every day.

There is so much diversity in the work that I do. I could be picking up disposals samples for testing in the morning, and then move on to confirming an authority's borrowings or investments to third party confirmation letters in the afternoon. The next day, I could watch the extraction of the general ledger and then test the evidence received from the client on additions; the learning is continuous and you can really feel how your knowledge expands and how you become more confident in your own skills and abilities. 

This is not to say the work is not challenging at times, it can definitely be, but there is just so much support available and I feel so fortunate to be part of a team that is so concerned with making sure that you are truly reaching your full potential.

A placement year is certainly an important step in my personal and professional development journey and I am confident it is going to be incredibly helpful for when I return to university next year."

My advice for students considering Aston University

I would say that they shouldn't be taken aback by any preconceptions they might have about studying a degree in finance. While this is definitely not the least challenging degrees out there, I believe it is one of the most rewarding ones, both in terms of future career prospects and of overall employability after graduating, but also in terms of opportunities available for self-growth and personal development.

Future students should start thinking about ways to enhance their CV quite early on, since the more work experience they have, the easier is it going to be to secure a placement on their third year, which I believe will be so important when applying for graduate jobs later on.

I would strongly advise them to try their best to secure a placement, as it is really an amazing opportunity to get more practical experience, all while networking and building relations with people from your field."

Students talking